The usual method of determining DRAM node is to take half the minimum WL or BL pitch. That places this DRAM at the nm process node. A 6F 2 DRAM cell with paired cells is described. In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy. PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device provided with 6F2 dynamic random access memory(DRAM) is provided to increase a sensing margin by enlarging.

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The cells are paired in a linear arrangement without the serpentine body of FIG. This bit line is formed in the first metal layer.

The bit lines are drzm a 2F half-metal pitch. A single cell is shown within the regions What is claimed is: The cells for the layout of Figure 2 have an effective area of 6F2 and are fabricated with a logic-based fabrication process. The DRAM of claim 21, wherein each of the diffusion zones are separated by shallow trench isolation. CN CNU en Retrieved from ” https: The dummy word lines are fabricated from a metal with a work function favoring p-channel devices.

A variety drxm different kinds of manufacturing defects can give rise to failure of the isolation gates Guiding light at English Wikipediathe copyright holder of this work, hereby publishes it under the following licenses:. Please help improve this media file by adding it to one or more categories, so it may be associated with related media files how? All the access transistors associated with a given bit line e. In order to decrease cell area, companies came out with the first 6F 2 cells in ; this 6F 2 architecture is now used by all major players in the DRAM market.

KR20030092861A – A semiconductor device having 6F2 DRAM cell – Google Patents

Figure 2 is a plan view of the cell pairs showing their contacts draam overlying bit lines and overlying capacitors. Bit lines are not shown but are disposed horizontally across the bit line contacts It is to be understood, however, that the invention is not limited to the specific features shown and described, since the means herein disclosed comprise preferred forms of putting the invention into effect. The method of claim 5. The active area is shown in blue, the horizontal word lines in yellow, the vertical bit lines in green, the bit-line contacts in red and the cut holes as dashed circles.


STI is used between each of the diffusions. The plate 94 is connected to ground substrate potential through a connection not illustrated. Isolation between each cell pair and its neighboring cell pairs along cram given bit line is obtained through isolation transistors, such as transistors 30 and 31 of FIG.

This arises because a row that has been replaced, and thus includes storage nodes that are not being periodically refreshed or otherwise actively biased, includes memory cells that float to various voltages.

Additionally, for many gate-isolated DRAM structures, it may be necessary to use double row redundancy for replacement of rows of memory cells that include defects. However, there is sufficient spacing between the capacitors for the illustrated embodiment to allow the fabrication of the cells within the 6F 2 area for this COB cell.

The cells are paired in a linear arrangement without the serpentine body of FIG. Here, the active region 17 in 6F 2 layout of the DRAM cell is the intersection with the two word lines 13, and electrically connected to one bit line The array of claim 4, wherein the bit line is a metal line disposed above the pairs of cells in the array. Semiconductor device including square type storage node and manufacturing method therefor. The 6F 2 DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the array is formed on a semiconductive substrate and wherein each memory cell includes an access transistor and a data storage capacitor, a first load electrode of the access transistor being coupled to the data storage capacitor via a storage node formed on the substrate, wherein the isolation gate is formed between the storage nodes of the first and second memory cells.


The isolation gate 56 is tied to a low voltage, such as V SS ground or a more negative voltage, e. Method of manufacturing a multilayered doped conductor for a contact in an integrated circuit device.

6F2 DRAM cell – Intel Corporation

That places this DRAM at the nm process node, the same as the previous Samsung generation of 48 nm. Click for automatic bibliography generation.

Semiconductor processing methods of forming field oxide regions on a semiconductor substrate. Seyyedy and assigned to the assignee of this patent document, which patents are hereby incorporated herein for their teachings. The DRAM also includes a first switch having first and second load electrodes and a control electrode configured to accept a first control signal. A single cell is shown within the regions Semiconductor integrated device having a field-effect transistor type memory cell array and peripheral circuitry structure.

Active areas 54 are shown as areas that are void of the stippling denoting the STI areas Doedoe arranged in a zigzag pattern between the bit line of the active region 37, contacts each of the 35 neighboring with the active region 37, contacts each of the one bit line 35 and the bit line 35 and the active region 37, the end portion of the active region 37, contacts each of the neighboring bit line 35 to be in line with the contact area a is located are arranged in a zigzag pattern.

Each diffusion has two wordlines crossing it.

Integrated circuit device including vertical memory device and method of 6ff2 the same. KR Kind code of ref document: The capacitor is formed in the ILD layers 3 and 4 for the illustrated embodiment. The DRAM array of claim 1wherein the capacitors are disposed above the bit lines.

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