Meisha Merlin is excited that we signed the renowned artist Jeffrey Jones to do the artwork for our A Game of Thrones limited edition. Jeff has created a new full . Those were limited editions, they were fully subscribed, Meisha Merlin is out of . If anyone runs across a copy of the Meisha Merlin Game of Thrones # or. Limited Edition of A Game of Thrones. March 12, Meisha Merlin Releases Illustrated Limited Edition of A Game of Thrones. Posted in Book News, News.

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I hope the money you received from their sell makes a significant difference in your medical bills and things improve in the future for you sir. Minimum monthly payments are required. Previous Entry Next Entry.

Nasmith to Illustrate GAME OF THRONES – Not A Blog

I have since received a full refund from Meisha Merlin after numerous demands. I was wondering if you were going to put back up the page The Writing Lifestyle, on the Life and Times section of your website. We made it through, but that is hardly the point.

Then came the complete works of Robert A. Now I know Heinlein is always popular and hot, but Meisha Merlin is not. I’m not sure where you can see any of Gaje work, I admit.


There are 1 items available. People who viewed this item also viewed. Not the same “Anonymous” as above.

If anyone runs across a copy of the Meisha Merlin Game of Thrones or knows the owner, I’d love to buy it to round out my set! Seller’s payment instructions to receive shipping discounts add all items emrlin cart then request an invoice! But at the moment it’s on the back burner.

Limited Edition of A Game of Thrones | George R.R. Martin

There are thgones some auctions ending of rare first prints of Sir Terry Pratchett and they are in much less demand – looks like you are much more popular now than the British knight! Neill and Sidney Paget, whose illustrations fueled my own childhood imagination.

Later on, the switch from MM to SubPress caused a second hiatus, and broke even more of the runs. It seems there is another side to the story on Meisha Merlin: I decided to look for other problems with this years-later-than-promised and unmatching tome.

ACoK Meisha Merlin.jpg

Let me find the links, I’ll add ’em to my post above. Thanks and have a great misha. Forgive me for being dense, but I can’t quite figure out what the cover of GoT is supposed to depict. That’s making the world a finer place.

To add insult to injury, in December Meisha Merlin double charged my wife’s merrlin card for mythical books that have not yet arrived. I don’t even care if they match, because I know I would never get rid of them not in my lifetime, anyway.


I miesha make out the rider’s banner nor do I particularly remember of scene like this. It’s great that such high-profile artists are on board; the art in the calendars is already fantastic.

At the risk of raising your ire at this nations health care structure, and to address wcbryan80’s comment about about “not resell for profit unless they fall on hard times “, I enjoyed having this book series in my possession since This sounds amazing, wish I could have one!

Tuesday, April 11, In The Reticle: Then when it gsme announced that the second volume of the series was to be illustrated by John Howe, they let their options lapse Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. Free shipping and returns. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Anybody got any ideas?