The manual is embedded in the build instructions for the various Align kits. This appears to come out of the manual. At least its identical to. i have just ordered an Align 3gx flybarless control unit but i can’t find any instructions online anywhere as i like to usually download and print. Align 3Gx flybarless setup problem Electric Heli Talk. Registered User Without the 3Gx module in place, with servos connected directly to.

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Adjust the maximum collective pitch using the transmitter’s swashplate mixing function pitch swash AFR.

3GX Flybarless System – Download – Align

With the rudder servo centered and servo horn at 90 degrees, adjust the linkage length until tail pitch slider is centered on the tail output shaft. Gyro gain For radio with built in gyro gain settings, gain can be adjusted directly.

Check if the rudder servo is applying correct compensation to the right. The result is a dramatic stability improvement from previous generation, with stability that rivals a flybarred helicopter, yet posses explosive agility.

Setup mode will exit if no activity is detected in 10 seconds. It is totally un helpful to every body to make statements of the form “When you have done this as many times as I have you will know that you disregard the manual Problem solved — the manual is wrong!! My servos are Align DS I realise I’m going to probably have to modify the throttle curves and pitch curves later for thebut at least it’s a starting point.

REV begin to flash in sequence. Def hook up power to the unit, get a usb extension cable and hook it to your pc and it almost walks you through the setup process.


Align 3gx pdf manual

User need to confirm if 3GX is mounted right side up or upside down. I mean like if you get a e super combo new, it comes with the connection wires? It’s a must and to be used with the dongle via usb port on the PC. There is a direct correlation between servos’ speed to gyro’s performance. Go to Flybarless System “Direct mode bypassing gyro, for mechanical travel and neutral point setup” to adjust the level of the swashplate and then re-complete the setup. For radio with built in gyro gain settings, gain can be adjusted directly.

Microbeast or 3GX for Flybarless setup. The caution at or near the bottom of the page tell you that you may to re-map the channels 3 to PIT instead of to THRO and therefore the manual is not incorrect. You also have to make sure you have the proper servos Also you cant update the firmware with your transmitter lol. While keeping swashplate level and main pitch at zero degrees, press the SET button to register the neutral point and enter E.

Originally Posted by bad Just leave the servo horns off until your in setup and install them as close to level as poss at mid stick. Settings export feature allows custom settings to be shared amongst friends. Originally Posted by Tulo Cool, I appreciate the help!

Even when I reported back what I’d done, and the result, he still didn’t want to believe the manual was wrong, saying that you can assign things to different channels in my 10C transmitter, so throttle could be channel 6 Anyway, I’ve gone through all the setup routine now, and it just remains to a extend the 3Gx connections so I can put my receiver in a sensible location, b trim all the servo connections so there’s no loose wires hanging around, and c connect the ESC.


Pay extra attention to these setup steps.

This completes the aileron endpoint setup process. Setting swashplate acceleration may increase the burst amp draw of servos.

Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Yep, the sats will blink fast whan you power the 3GX, they’ll go out for a few seconds while binding and come back on solid. Feb 04, This is how to do the setup through the 3GX unit. Jul 06, It is the instructions. He was getting a bit defensive, suggesting I had some kind of mix in my transmitter, but I kept reminding him it behaved normally when connected direct to my receiver. Set the right aileron and front elevator to 8 degrees.

Flybarless portion of the setup If ava ilable, ensure the following functions are disabled in the transmitter: Check that there is no binding throughout the pitch range 3. Been there,, done that!

Custom parameters have been opened up in 3GX to allow pilots to fine tune numerous settings for swashplate and rudder. In order to verify that slign are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.

Se “Trottle Calibration” at the end.

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