HTFS User Provides an overview of the HTFS family of products. ACOL Reference ACOL Getting Started User instructions for. Aspen Hetran®, Aspen HPI Library, Aspen HTFS Research Network™, . Although AspenTech has tested the software and reviewed the documentation, the. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. This documentation contains AspenTech proprietary and confidential.

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DESIGN calculations use a mean coefficient and temperature difference approach, within an iteration to select the number of passes and channels per pass, to meet the constraints on heat load, pressure drop, flow velocity and port pressure loss.

High-fin Tubes – Integral; G; L; extruded; bi-metallic; shoulder grooved. Condensing zone – baffles are considered to be full circle, such that the predominant flow direction is crossflow.

The effects of any flow maldistribution among the plates are also handled.

You may also need to do this if you want your license conditions updated. The diameter factor to size a pipeline for a given pressure drop and mass flowrate.

It is a text file, and may be supplied on a floppy disk or even e-mailed to you. Steam and water properties are calculated internally. Multiple exchangers in parallel. Network administrators may wish to provide versions of the installation software that can be downloaded over the network for individual users to install. It should be a computer that is always switched on and thus continuously available to network users.


The critical mass flowrate for a given pressure drop and pipeline geometry for high velocity flow. The effects of any flow maldistribution among the plates are also handled. Your release letter will identify the License file, which, when initially supplied, will have a name which identifies the dongle with which it should be used.

Although you can still select a different directory, you are advised against doing so. Next you are asked if you want to supply a License file. Select the files you wish to use and then click on OK and the files will be transferred to a Hyprotech standard location in your Common Files area.

All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. It is recommended that before starting the installation procedure all other applications are closed. Remember that if you are running Windows NT you will need administrator rights to install any software. Bill of Materials – User defined item numbers, materials, comprehensive list of parts and finished dimensions.

It can be run in conjunction with the HYSYS process simulation software from Hyprotech and also has interfaces to third party property databanks, software from Aspen Technology Inc. The firebox or convection section can be modelled alone.

X-side fouling as a function of row. Click here to sign up. Double-click on the HTFS program you wish to install. A detailed description of the problem fuide a simulation case if possible. For azpen quality assured consistent solution.

You do not need to do this if you are installing on a workstation for use with a network license. Having one stream single pass and the other multi-pass is also permitted.


Close down, insert the dongle, and reboot. Aspenn will next be asked to identify a folder for shortcuts to your program. Fin performance correlations included. These have names ending in the code number on your dongle sand the extension.

This can be used as a check that your dongle is properly installed. Plate geometry can be specified for other calculation types.

Aspen HTFS V7_0-User Guide

Condensing zone – baffles are considered to be full circle, such that the predominant flow direction is crossflow. More complete information is available on the Documentation CD and in the Help Text within each program. Non-Newtonian fluids are also handled. On a standalone installation you will also need a dongle, corresponding to one of your License files, guidr into your machine.

This documentation contains AspenTech aspej and confidential information and may not be disclosed, used, or copied without the prior consent of AspenTech or as set forth in the applicable license agreement.

HTFS V User Guide | Mahek Chhatrapati –

HTFS programs can import process and properties data from all the main process simulators. Enhanced key keyboard. Additional dongles will be sent if necessary if you purchase additional licenses. Properties data can be set up and reviewed prior to the main flow and heat exchange calculations.