ASTM E 1381-95 PDF

ASTM Automation/Robotics LIS which are based on ASTM E / . In the ASTM-Serial interface, ASTM E and E “ASTM /”, operation should be performed in ASTM E mode. *2: IEEE e) Date/time test completed. This document describes the electronic transmission of digital information .. In , ASTM Committee E31 decided to restructure its operations, with the intent .

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Sign in to vote. Saturday, December 3, 8: There could’ve been others that are better or worse.

ASTM Connector Information

xstm The client provides an implementation class derived from an abstract callback class of the driver. Or perhaps the Interface Training Guide is wrong which is doubtful but possible. A digital multimeter display on the data line will also flicker.

Not for Wstm questions. Unless you connect each to a DCE device for some reason. You next step is to provide an ACK within the required timeout, and examine the data signal from the device – that sequence should be long enough to clearly display on whatever testing device you can get.

Monday, June 11, 8: As this question no longer has anything to do with VB you wold be best off continuing the discussion in a place where there are RS experts or instrumentation people in general. Monkeyboy Sunday, December 18, 3: Content only available by subscription.

Introduction to ASTM – Ensemble ASTM Development Guide – Caché & Ensemble

This standard provides rules for how the two systems talk to each other. However the training guide says ” ASTM standards – The low-level protocol, E, describes how the data is transmitted between the and host. And you don’t provide what the manual advised to use for the pinouts for the cable between the and host pc. Then you have no option but to get the information r the manufacturer concerning how to initiate a data transfer.


Unfortunately awtm can not return the equipment, most of them have been bought long time ago. And those byte arrays will be in the format described in the training guide PDF in the communication examples section.

Jumpering means physically aetm the pins together with a piece of wire so that, in this instance, those two pins for the end of the cable connecting into the are physically connected together. MonkeyBoy” and this protocol needs a whole different ” comlex” code than the one i have.

So I can’t really assist you with it other than provide links which then I can’t trouble shoot issues since I don’t know serial com using VB. The high-level protocol, E, relates to the packet content and format of the data that is transmitted. Monday, December 5, Anyhow after you study all that information if you have questions about how to establish a byte array for transmission or receive a byte array to do something with it then ask new question.

Thursday, December 15, 5: And since you don’t seem proficient in serial communications testing then it may be necessary to hire a professional to bring in a serial port protocol analyzer to test with the If you save it on download then virus check it definitely. Sunday, December 18, 3: E usually uses E protocol for low-level communication. And I only displayed that particular device cause it was the first I found. The driver divides it in pieces of the maximal frame size that is allowed by the standard and transfers each frame to the host.

Well from what I have found the “roche elecsys immunoassay analyzer”, if that is what you are talking about, uses ASTM communications protocol which I don’t know anything about in order for a serial communications application to communicate with it. Thursday, December 8, 2: I hope you didn’t think that I’d go about connecting this equipment without having configured the port setting already.


Enter your personal account email address to request a password reset: Are you sure you want to empty the cart? E 97 High-Level Protocol: Your code assumes that the device transmits text – that may not be the case. Successfully opening the port does not mean that communication exists – only that the port exists.

So if you really have zero idea of what you are doing then get a professional to do things before something gets damaged or destroyed.

Serial Communication Interface to Laboratory Instruments

The right 13811-95 access the electronic files of ASTM Standards is for purposes of viewing for individual use 1381-59. Friday, December 9, 2: A CRO is by far the best.

I mean I successfully connected other similar devices and was able to get the results I needed. Regardless of Roches support if you don’t have the experience to do it yourself then you need to hire someone experienced to assist you. ASTM Simulator is a flexible and very powerful productivity tool for prototype testing,system verification, system installation and troubleshooting ASTM communication interfaces.

Pins 7 and 8 are not jumpered on the side of the cable.

Messages can be viewed in a tree representing the data record hierarchy and in a tabbed dialog showing the content of the selected record. Enter your account email address to request a password reset: This allows for analysis of the raw data transfer. Register for a trial account.

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