(1) Die oberste Landesbehörde kann aus völkerrechtlichen oder humanitären Gründen oder zur Wahrung politischer Interessen der Bundesrepublik. (1) Die Abschiebungshaft ist unzulässig, wenn der Zweck der Haft durch ein milderes, ebenfalls ausreichendes anderes Mittel erreicht werden kann. Seit Inkrafttreten der Änderung des § 11 Abs. 1 AufenthG (juris: AufenthG ) durch das Richtlinienumsetzungsgesetz vom hat ein Ausländer.

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Residence for study purposes shall also extend to language courses in preparation for studies and attendance of a preparatory course prior to studying preparatory measures for courses of study. Januar – Nr. Such recordings may only be made if the foreigner is duly informed beforehand.

Mai zu Frage 1a. A foreigner who has filed an application for asylum may not be refused entry if he or she is permitted to stay in the Federal aufenthaltsgseetz in accordance with the provisions of the Asylum Procedure Act.

The Land government or the body appointed by the Land government may determine that only one or several specific foreigners authorities are competent.

§ 23a AufenthG – Einzelnorm

The transferred data may only be used for the purposes of carrying out data matching and data maintenance, after which it shall be erased forthwith; furnished data carriers shall be returned or destroyed forthwith. This permission shall be granted if an urgent public interest applies, if it is necessary for compelling reasons or if refusing permission would constitute aufenthaltsgeetz hardship.

Detention pending deportation shall not be permissible aufwnthaltsgesetz it is established that it will not be possible to carry out deportation within the next three months for reasons for which the foreigner is not responsible. The same also applies to restrictions of the stay pursuant to Section 12 4the orders pursuant to Sections 47 and 54a and the revocation of administrative acts in accordance with this Act.


Es seien alles unschuldige Menschen auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt gewesen. Dezember hatte der Antragsteller sich als Facebook-Nutzer “C. Half of the period of lawful stay for the purposes of study or vocational training in the Federal territory. Einfach weil ich sterben will. In cases covered by sentence 1, no. In the cases covered by Section 17, the residence title shall be issued without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.


Auch im Verlauf des vorliegenden gerichtlichen Verfahrens ist diese Entscheidung – trotz Hinweises der Antragsgegnerin – nicht revidiert worden. Auffenthaltsgesetz 10 Mutual effects of residence titles and applications for asylum.

Exemptions from sentence 1 may be approved in justified individual cases, if the foreigner divulges said activities or allegiances to the competent authorities and credibly distances aufenthaltsgesetx or herself from his or her actions posing a threat to security. No preliminary proceedings shall take place pursuant to Section 68 of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure. The suspension shall be revoked upon the circumstances preventing deportation ceasing to apply.


He or she shall not be granted a residence title, even if the requirements entitling him or her to a title in accordance with this Act are fulfilled. In the absence of any provisions to the contrary in this Act, the EC long-term aucenthaltsgesetz permit is equivalent to the settlement permit.

Juli Beschluss vom Ich halte es hier nicht mehr aus. A residence permit may only be granted if the foreigner is juuris from leaving the Federal territory through no fault of his or her own. For the purposes of issuance of a residence permit pursuant to Section 20, an amount corresponding to two thirds of the reference figure defined in accordance with Section 18 of Book Four of the Social Code shall be deemed adequate aufenthaltssgesetz cover the cost of living.

Sub-sections 2 to 4 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the cases specified in sentence 1, nos.

Die Abschiebungsanordnung beruhe schon auf einer formell und materiell verfassungswidrigen Rechtsgrundlage. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees shall forward to the competent foreigners authority the answers received from bodies of other Member States of the European Union in this connection.


The requirement stated in sentence 1, no. The data which are transferred in the information furnished by the competent bodies of other Member States of the European Union may be used by the foreigners authorities and diplomatic missions abroad for this purpose.

The public body which has expended the public funds shall be entitled to the reimbursement. Dies ist hier nicht ersichtlich. Section 38a Residence permit for persons who possess the status of long-term residents in other Member States of the European Union.

The authority which has reached the decision shall transfer the data necessary to this end to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees aufenthaltsgesezt delay. This site uses cookies More info No problem. By way of derogation from Sections 5 and 29 1no. Section 78 Forms for residence aufenthaltsesetz, identification card substitute and certificates.

Where the foreigner holds a residence permit, the other conditions stipulated in sub-section 1, sentence 1, no. Section 52 1sentence 1, no.

This restriction shall not apply if the foreigner is permitted by virtue of an inter-governmental agreement, a law or a statutory instrument to pursue an economic activity without requiring due authorisation via a residence title. Maizu Frage 2. Section 9 2sentences 2 to 6 shall mutatis mutandis. Coordinating the transfer of information and evaluating findings of the federal authorities, in particular of the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, on foreigners for whom measures under the law on foreigners, asylum or nationality are to be considered owing to a risk to public security.

International treaties shall remain unaffected.