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Don’t bother with armor. Note that elemental weapons do non-elemental damage as well, so it’s only the elemental part that gets reduced. Run up the steps to reach the main square. Go to the next screen kaittos fight Use complete sentences in the body of the article. Note that the boss battle is triggered when you re-enter the main hallway after all the scenes have played out.

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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (Nintendo GameCube, 2004) – European Version

Put Xelha, Lyude and Gibari into your party, and make sure they have plenty of Light element cards. You’ll notice there is a high score tally at the top of the screen. You’ll automatically be taken to Corellia’s palace.

I spells, using a consistent order for ingredients, etc. Also talk to Tumart until he signs for Kemal. Sign In Don’t have an account? At the save flower, capture a white Caplin from the herd, as well as the black one hiding on the left. I don’t think I’ll be interested in going through it again any time soon, but there is enough content to give many hours of play time. It’s absolutely dreadful to realize 80 hours into a game that you missed some unique item in the first area!


Once you’ve recruited them all, return to the old woman, then run back to the area outside the palace and talk to her there.

BatenKaitos:Manual of Style | The Baten Kaitos Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Nothing left to do or steal in this town, so leave and enter Zosma Tower. This area is pretty linear so just avoid the enemies and loot the chests as you come across them. You should also be careful upon exiting the boss chambers, as the entrances are patrolled by those large Apollion enemies.

But you can include the strongest armor as well, just make sure there is enough revival so that you can revive every round if needed. Beautiful and Unusual RPG “Baten Kaitos” refers to a star in Cetus the whale constellation The scenerio is set in the future after the oceans have been destroyed and everyone lives in islands high above polluted skies.

Save in another slot just in case, because these scenes have progressed the story into the end-game.

Trigger the scene at the mansion entrance, then ask the woman for info. If you think you could word something better, write it. You can’t evade the plant monster, but if you’re careful, you can evade the monster at the end of the kaios at the bottom of the screen. Since you probably don’t have strong enough Fire armor, I suggest you just fill up Gibari’s manuall Mizuti’s decks with plenty of healing and revival.

BatenKaitos:Manual of Style

I chose “Sure, it’ll be fine” at the prompt. Otherwise just revive them with the other. You may also like. This place is can be difficult, because you cannot dodge many of the enemies here, and they can appear in large groups. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate baen to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg’s conversion rates.


Return to the hallway and unlock the remaining room to save Xelha. Some of the battles here are mandatory.

Note that there is a kid attending to the oven in the second house who asks you to take over for a moment while he goes to see Lady Melodia. Give him the stone to get the signature. Equip Xelha with her newest anklet if you have not done so, and make sure her deck contains plenty of Water and Light kaitis.

This page was last updated: In-game images should only be official art screenshots are accepted where scans are not available.

Exit and enter the door on the left side of town. In Balancoire you will find two more animals in the waterway: You can include 3 or 4 strong Aqua spells, but no more.

We now have our main fighting party back. I don’t think it’s possible to evade the monster on the way. Leave and enter the left house for a scene with Mizuti’s parents. Save and get ready for the boss battle. Beware of the spiders, their paralysis can make short work of your party, especially if you’re up against a set of three.