Berlie Doherty is an English novelist, playwright, children’s author and poet. Writer of Street Child and Dear Nobody. Details: Article/page. DEAR NOBODY by Berlie Doherty, winner of the Carnegie Medal, is the moving story of two teenagers and an unplanned pregnancy. It is one. Dear Nobody has ratings and reviews. The moving and very real story of two teenagers and an unplanned pregnancy. It is told from two viewpoints.

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English – Literature, Works. Iphigenie auf Tauris — Analyse und Ber,ie Chris decides to write her a letter. Brave New World – Summary and assignments. You’re only a whisper Published by Puffin Books first published After that Helen feels closer to her mother than ever before.

Dec 22, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it liked it Shelves: English Language and Literature Studies – Linguistics. The next days Helen behaves very strangely. Later when a pregnancy test proves positive, she tries to abort the pregnancy by going riding, risking her life in a wild gallop, to no avail. Y es que la voz de la experiencia ayuda mucho a tomar decisiones. What I liked about this story is that two people Helen and Chrie roherty their point of views across.


In late February she finally tells him her suspicions, and writes her first letter to “Dear Nobody”: Doherty is enthusiastic about the productions: I don’t need all this information an There are literally no redeeming qualities about this book.

Dear nobody – Berlie Doherty

After having read the last letter Chris drives immediately to hospital to see Helen and his baby. Oct 25, Milka rated it liked it Shelves: Du bist die beste!

So why the three star rating I hear you ask? She really would like to have a closer relationship to her mother. It is a present from Helen. Characterisation in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Our Country’s What always amazes me is how beautiful a book can be written — especially if it is short.

Dear Nobody by Berlie Doherty

Why did I choose to write it in this way? Die Zusammenfassung ist echt gut!!!! Chris finishes reading the letters, realizes the baby is coming and rushes to the hospital, where he meets his newborn daughter, Amy. Wolla – digges Dange.

I love the way the novel has aged — taking you back to a time when teenagers had to conduct romances in whispered nobodu from telephones in the hall or from dohdrty phone boxes. So she writes to nobody — and when I wrote down those first two words, Dear NobodyI knew that I had the title of my book. Once she and I were the most important people in our world. But I did want to know how people feel about love and friendship, relationships with parents, responsibility and loyalty, also about the bigger issues of teenage pregnancy, teen marriage, abortion and single parenting.

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When he gets to know nonody Helen is pregnant he doesn’t know what to do or how to behave but he tries to support Helen. They broke up and both get very confused.

This story is about Helen and Chris, a couple in love and tryin All I can say is wow. One month later he gets a reply from his mother named Joan.

Dear nobody – Berlie Doherty

Library of Congress Catalog Record. Maybe I just read the brlie on the wrong day in the wrong frame of mind. When Helen tells him about the baby he doesn’t realise what this means to his life.

Also, there seems to be a distinct aversion to commas, what did the comma ever do to you? In April, Helen’s mother finds out, and arranges for her to go to an abortion clinic.