Manufacturer and Supplier of Bogie Hearth Furnace, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, Chamber Furnace, Rolling Mill Furnaces, Mumbai, India. The bogie furnace is made up of a main structure base for heating very large parts or pieces in bulk that cannot be treated with other types of furnaces. The bogie hearth furnace is a special type of chamber furnace. The furnace housing, through which access the effective space can be accessed on one side via.

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This makes Bogie-hearth furnaces not only accurate but also easy to maintain. I Italia produces the best types of bogie hearth furnaces for the industrial sector. This design provides the option of single and 3-zone temperature control and for applications demanding the best uniformity possible, such as AMS E this can be combined with an optional air circulation fan. With Price Related Category. They are situated on the roof.

Safety Technology for Forced Convection Chamber Furnaces Certain processes release and vaporize solvents or other flammable vapors. Bogie hearth furnaces, thanks to their operation by heating and cooling stages and to their natural thermal inertia, provide for the use of automatic flue gas recirculation or recirculation burners, able to correct the energy imbalances typical of discontinuous furnaces.


This hearth design technique also allows the furnace to be easily adapted to a vertical lift arrangement to provide an elevator hearth, in which case the door would become a fixed side of the chamber. These applications are related to different grades of Steels in form of castings, forgings, fabricated components, etc.

Bogie Hearth Furnace in Ahmedabad

Advanced, lightweight modular construction utilizing ceramic fiber modules to achieve large-scale economies in a number of important areas. These products are manufactured by our experts turnace per worldwide industry standards by employing the premium-grade raw material that is procured from honest sellers of market.

Annealing, Hardening, Stress relieving, Tempering, etc. Questo sito utilizza cookie per ottimizzare la tua esperienza online. One or several circulation fans and motor-driven dampers for cooling are assembled on the chamber roof. The accumulation of flammable components is avoided and their safe combustion is ensured.


Our offered furnace is manufactured by our highly skilled professionals with the help of top quality raw material and cutting-edge technology in compliance with set industry standards. Mild Steel Material Loading Capacity: Annealing Furnaces in Ahmedabad.

The high-quality, long-life fiber insulation, classified as non-carcinogenic, with storage capacity provides for short heating and cooling times. The SBCF chamber furnace is an industrial scale furnace based on a modular design principle which can be adapted to various applications.

Download Brochure Data sheet Close Language: Thanks to years of experience, E. Puoi eliminare e bloccare funrace i cookie di questo sito web, ma alcuni furnxce del sito potrebbero non funzionare correttamente. I have read and accept Electroheat’s privacy policy. These models can be used for products which are insensitive against temporarily uncontrolled temperature increases. A measurement system monitors this flow, while fresh air is simultaneously resupplied.

Sardar Estate, Vadodara km from Ahmedabad No. BO are used for processes with large amounts of organic matters or high vaporization rates. The Bogie-hearth furnace bogke a pneumatic sealing between chamber and bottom. Please enter your name. Since the door can be lifted and controlled by a pneumatic system, it helps automatize the process and speed up procedures.

Bogie Hearth Furnace, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, Chamber Furnace, Rolling Mill Furnaces, Mumbai, India

Processes in which the product or contaminations on the product are ashed by ignition can be also carried out safely in this type of chamber furnace. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. Bogie hearth furnace with gas supply system.

Exhaust port and powerful exhaust fan mounted on the furnace. Furnace chamber with eight high-speed burners.

At program end, the burners are automatically switched off. The delivered product will always be high in quality and meet even the highest standards. Bogie running on steel wheels with gear rack drive, hewrth rails necessary.


Bogie hearth furnaces

We are here to help! We ensure that all the offered products are rigorously tested on well-defined quality parameters in order to avoid any inconsistency in the products. Tell us hdarth you need by filling in the form. Rely on professionals contact us. This type of industrial furnace is suitable for carrying out various heat treatments, such as: In addition, the control system is equipped with an over-temperature limiter with manual reset that is set by the customer at a safe bogle temperature to switch off the chamber furnace if the limit is exceeded.

Payment Protection Deal with new sellers across India without worries. The burners are arranged according to the furnace geometry providing for a optimum temperature uniformity. Other benefits of the bogie-hearth furnace are the high rate of efficiency and the possibility to save energy, depending on an either fully electrical or gas power heartn. The use of high-speed burners allows for short heating times.

Bogie-Hearth Furnaces – Electroheat

The chamber furnaces are not suitable for components and coatings that contain solvents or a high concentration of water. Depending on the model, these furnaces can be upgraded with fully automatic fan burners and additional accessories.

In case of a burner flame malfunction or gas shortage the process is aborted. The automatic control system then takes over control of the temperature curve. This shortens process times and the residual energy of the furnace can be used when the new charge is heated. The heating of Bogie Hearth Furnace could entail gas or liquid fuel fired including high velocity burners and also electrically heated. These models must also not be used for charges with low flash points such as wood, paper or wax.

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