JPJ4U Portal Kakitangan JPJ berfungsi sebagai pusat akses tunggal bagi kakitangan dalam Muat turun JPJ Aplikasi hanya melalui Google Play Store. – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Hak Cipta Terpelihara. Dasar Privasi dan Keselamatan | Penafian | Hak Cipta | Paparan terbaik menggunakan . The JPJ numbers plate available for registration are divided into four dari Pengarah Negeri seperti kes pertukaran daripada ibu/bapa kepada Masukkan sampul surat permohonan ke dalam peti tempahan mengikut nama.

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For the TM-AB, you can ask the seller to get it tukae by any commissioner of oath as well. May 3, at 5: As what I read from Sylph, you can settle everything in a day.

Tukar Nama Geran Kenderaan

But on a serious note; https: May i know that selling a van is same with a car? How leh if stick to window? There’s a section where you fill in as representative. Your Grandma With Kisses.

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TQVM have a nice day. The road tax is still valid and stick to the mirror. Owner passed away, executor of the will want to sell the car.

If I want to sell my car but the rear window itself is original black from japan recon car, do we need to change it to clear rear windscreen? Would appreciate if anyone can assist me on this. Total use along how long time? They will then call you to topup if buyer’s loan is insufficient to settle yr loan.


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The only area I’m blur about is the car insurance policy and road tax – would I have to get a new insurance policy and how do I get existing road tax cancelled and have a new one in place, etc? Memang tidak senang, tetapi tidaklah pula payah.

Oh, and how about the insurance? Is it urgent because CNY is around the corner. That should be the way to go around that.

Today, I’ve prepared all the forms to transfer the name in JPJ but was asked to prepare for the biometrix thumbprint from seller tkar in Johor.

I’m staggering the inspection, insurance and transfer to jpu days so that I could skip taking leave. Dec 30 The mad italian scorpions!! Mine already transferred to my new car, my renewal notice came last week, need to pay full again.

Many Thanks if anyone know the process Obtain que number from front desk and proceed to counter for IC and thumbrpint verification for both new and old vehicle owner. Oct 15 Saya ada no lama D If yes, I just need to bring the Geran? Boragn States of Cybertron. Just found out from jpj, we can apply for 1 to 3 days permit as long as your vehicle is insured. Apapun, anda tetap perlu bkrang terma dan syarat ditetapkan supaya kelak tidak bercucuran air mata ke bumi seandainya ditakdirkan ditahan abang polis atau JPJ.


#TahukahAnda: Bagaimanakah Prosedur Tukar Enjin Kenderaan di JPJ?

Since mandatory inspections came into force inthe kereta potong are being identified. This post has been edited by kidkad: Until now my phone answer till no battery already. I got more than 6 potential buyers and thinking want to go with the one with cash rather than loan Still have 18k debt with bank and I sell my car for 19k. I intend to use the same bank as the rate they offered is competitive.

Would like to have feedback – or suggestions – – i sent my Mykad photostat and 3 months salary credited via screenshot to the bank. Why do you need to pay for it? Cost is RM for transfer name. So now some banker told me one of the way is ask the buyer go back to ambank to get his loan.

August 30, at Just done ownership transfer with my dad in JPJ, was first in line and got it done within 15minutes.