The irony here is that camless engines are relatively easy to build. The average hacker could modify a small four-stroke engine for camless. The latest to catch my attention: engine valves that operate without camshafts. For decades the idea of electronically controlled electromagnetic. The cam, or camshaft, is a long rod with lumps on it which turns at half of the speed of the engine. The lumps, or lobes, each press on a valve at the top of the .

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Camcon also discussed ebgines and benefits in an article and video that was published in Autocar magazine [15] “New Valve Technology gives Petrols the Efficiency of Diesels”. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Lots of physical reasons for this not being true.

Camless piston engine – Wikipedia

Depends when a cam sprocket jumps time and the piston contacts the valve it is pushed back against the rest of the valve train and the engine binds until something bends or breaks such as the valve,rocker arm, push rod, or the piston crown.

This crew reduction equates to cheaper shipping for companies and hence more and cheaper global trade [11]. The difficulty was and is achieving effective seals.

A non-interference design with ball type valves seems like a much better build platform and would be enginex suited to reap the benefits of cajless variable valve timing aka a really wide power band. M ller says that although the compressor featuring standard AC-compressor innards capable of peak pressures near psi generally consumes more energy than camshafts, this is partially offset by a reduction of the engine oil flow and pressure required to lubricate cams and valves.


Also, the rotary piston engine used in airplanes? What VW did was wrong, but lest at least explore camldss they were motivated to cheat. Activation current is really low. Another advantage over the wankel is that the wankel suffered from the same portion of the combustion chamber always being in combustion. Yeah… envines why 15 year-old RX-7s are still highly sought after for certain motorsports.

The Fiat Multiaire system — if this is what you are getting at in a round about way — is a consumers nightmare. Select a Year GO. DEP also improves scavenging of residual exhaust.

My motorcycle real line is rpm! Electronically this is very similar to what would be required for a camless engine. That design demanded valves that opened far more quickly than a traditional cam-driven design could manage. The engine control unit ECU fires the injectors at just the right time to inject fuel into the cylinders.

So, now, by federal mandate, we need to add a particle filter system to the engine. Specifically, it can take more energy to flap the valves than you gain by doing so. In the wankel, intake and combustion occur simultaneously, but in different parts of the housing.

If you can think it, you can do it. This allows for the engine to run at a lower RPM, a feature useful in ships as it allows better low speed maneuvering while docking.

Camless piston engine

I was asking myself the same question the whole article. As the metal keeps moving past the coil, some of that kinetic energy is converted back into electricity, like a generator. Views Read Edit View history. There are rotary engines and radial engines.

Of course then you could delve into enginees Wankel rotary engine territory if you start along that path. All this said — a properly designed camless setup would fail safe — so no damage could be done. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Pot the solenoid, over-spec it for the duty cycle, use rngines low friction liner, perhaps some sort of oil-impregnated piston. The whole mechanism is MUCH larger. Possibly a high pressure common rail with an accumulator to work.

The application was APU for the military. Enginnes Wankel rotor side seal swept the entire sidewall but here the flap side seals need only sweep the distance of travel, which is quite small at the hinged end and even slightly less than a standard piston engine at the other end.

Where are all the Camless Engines?

Pneumatic or hydraulic activated valves would be the way to go. Christian Koenigsegg also claims that the PHEA camless technology allows the elimination of the pre-catalytic converter, because the standard catalytic converter can be englnes up to temperature quickly by manipulating the exhaust cycle.

Does anyone really think that the internal combustion engine has so much life left in it that any manufacturers are going to make any of their investment back before production ends?

The list goes on and on. They have a prototype engine running in a Saab. I would love to see a camless engine myself but no system is flawless. So compressed acmless opens the valve almost instantly, electronically controlled hydraulic pressure holds it open, a coil spring closes it, and passive hydraulic pressure cushions its “landing.

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