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Available clearance for hanger. These are dynamic meaningthat they change as afunction of time loads, and are therefore discussed in greater detail in Sections 4 and 5 of these seminar notes.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes – Free Download PDF

For the fourth requirement: Note that a second exception occurs when the Bourdon effects of pressure are considered. Figure For the most part, botes details are taken care ofby the expansion joint manufacturer. It is often highly conservative to apply twice the calculated force as a static load, but this is coads often done. The properties ofthat bellows are then inserted into the piping model.

Figure The following sections of these seminar notes provide more detailed methods for modeling and analyzing specifie components of the piping model.

The methods ofresisting these two types ofloads are similar, with the main difference beingfound in the use of a higher allowable stress for occasionalloads as seen in Section 1. Where the existing springs can’t be used, new ones will be recommended.

This standard calculates seismic g-factors in a manner similar to those of the building codes, based upon earthquake potential, structure importance, structure type, structure fundamental frequency, and soil parameters. Including hoop and radial stresses present in sustained loadings only in the stress intensity calculation makes the COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes calculation much more difficult. A support was located near node point 20 earlier; we now want to locate the next one downstream within the standard span.


It is evident that pipe changes direction within 23 feet, so the developed length to the next support should be maintained as less than 17 feet4 inches.

We are a non-profit group that run seminra website to share documents. Therefore, substituting this value for the weight component ofthe stress equation: A competent expansion joint manufacturer should be able to provide assistance throughout the design stage as required.

Examples ofthese documents are shown in Figures through on subsequent pages. Ifthis is not the case, the loads can he estimated by a thorough thermodynamic analysis.

It is recommended that one ofthese be placed above the center ofgravity ofthe riser for example, 15 feet below the top of the riser. Consider the following geometry, of a large diameter pipe supported hy a dual spring assemhly: If the thermal travel is zero, or very small, then it is hypothesized that a rigid support can he used in place of the spring. Therefore, movements on an expansion joint are acceptable if: Rigid elements whose cumulative weights equal notee ot the torged titting and tlanges.

One definition of a spring support is: Expansion joints are noyes out of sheet metal, which, after cosde and welding to for a cylinder, has convolutions also called corrugations formed in it via either hydraulic pressure or rolling.

Thank you for interesting in our services. However, the easiest but less accurateand therefore most common means of analyzing dynamic loads is usually to model them as static meaning that they are constant throughout time loads, with the magnitude increased to reflect the dynamic load amplification.



Unless otherwise noted herein, the information contained in these course notes is proprietary and may not be translated or duplicated in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of COADE Engineering Software, Jones Rd. Potential causes of failure are bending stresses in the flange, localized stress concentrations in the hub, yielding of the bolts, or unloading of the gasket, causing leakage.

The sustained stress Ci. Therefore, pipe stress software cannot be used to accurately determine the effects ofthe piping system on rigid elements.

Design data typically required in order to do pipe stress analysis consists of pipe materials and sizes; operating parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and fluid contents; code stress allowables; and loading parameters, such as insulation weight, external equipment movements, and wind and earthquake criteria.

B SH deg. The next concern is the placement of supports on the riser.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

The computer software models this load as strictly a force with no applied moment. However, it is rare that a piping system has no concentrated COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Voade loads, consists of only horizontal runs with minimal changes in direction, etc. These limits are presented in different ways in different manufacturer’ s catalogs, but are always functions of the number of applied cycles, bellows material properties and convolution shape.