PROLOGUE TO THE CATECHETICAL LECTURES OF OUR HOLY FATHER, CYRIL, ARCHBISHOP OF JERUSALEM. 1. ALREADY there is an odour of. The famous Catechetical Lectures of Cyril, archbishop of Jerusalem, are a series of 23 addresses St. Cyril gave in the fourth century to new believers preparing. The Catechetical Lectures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem [St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Paul A. Boer Sr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. St. Cyril of.

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I charge you, as the Apostle saith, before God, who quickeneth all things, and Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed the good confession, that ye keep this faith which is committed to you, without spot, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. For God, according to the Preacher, made man upright, and they have themselves sought out many inventions.

Can we never walk upright? He sees so many receiving salvation, and is seeking whom he may devour. Nor is it only among us, who bear the name of Christ, that the dignity of faith is great: For had he been convicted by any one? For the articles of the Faith were not composed as seemed good to men; but the most important points collected out of all the Scripture make up one complete teaching of the Faith.

Catechetical Lectures, Part 1

But unless thou fit them together in the one whole, and remember what is first, and what is second, the builder may build, but thou wilt find the building unsound. Or again, because I have entered into a great garden, and cannot eat all the supply of fruits, wouldst thou have me go away altogether hungry? According to the Spanish pilgrim Egeriathese mystagogical catecheses were given to the newly baptised in the Church of the Anastasis in the course of Easter Week.

The Manichaeans also wrote a Gospel according to Thomas, which being tinctured with the fragrance of the evangelic title corrupts the souls of the simple sort. The wound must be healed: And so enough concerning meats.

A certain man in the Gospels once pried into the marriage feasts, and took an unbecoming garment, and came in, sat down, and ate: Who imparted the incessant pulsation of the heart?

Then of the New Testament there are the four Gospels only, for the rest have false titles and are mischievous.

The Angels therefore behold as much as they can bear, and Archangels as much as they are able; and Thrones and Dominions more than the former, but yet less than His worthiness: For as after His Baptism He was tempted forty days not that He was unable to gain the victory before, but because He wished to do all things in due order and successionso thou likewise, though not daring before thy baptism to wrestle with the adversaries, yet after thou hast received the grace and art henceforth confident in the armour of righteousness, must then do battle, and preach the Gospel, if thou wilt.


I accept this bait for the hook, and welcome thee, though thou camest with an evil purpose, yet as one to be saved by a good hope. For after having gone down hence into Hades, and come up again to us, He ascended again from us into heaven, His Father addressing Him, and saying, Sit Thou on My right hand, until I make Thine enemies Thy footstool. Hear another Scripture saying, God is faithful and just.

Cyril of Jerusalem – Wikipedia

Suffer none of those who say that this body is no work of God: The former prevailed to the cancelling of God’s decree, and cannot Jesus grant remission of sins? He ate grass like an ox: How great a dignity the Lord bestows on you in transferring you from the order of Catechumens to that of the Faithful, the Apostle Paul shews, when he affirms, God is faithful, by Whom ye were called into the fyril of His Son Jesus Christ. Cyril was once again banished from Jerusalem by the Arian Emperor Valens in So for the present listen while I simply say the Creed, and commit it to memory; but at the proper season expect the confirmation out of Holy Scripture of each part of the contents.

Yet after slaying his brother to what is he condemned? Oectures seest what happened to that man: Cyril of JerusalemCatechetical Lectures6, Is it a living thing?

If thou seest the believers ministering, and shewing no care, they enjoy security, they know what they have received, they are in possession of grace.

For whenever any one shall say this in faith, believing that it cometh to pass, and shall not doubt in his heart, then receiveth he the grace.

Many wolves are going about in sheeps’ clothing, their clothing being that of sheep, not so their claws and teeth: But if these great vaults of the heavens cannot worthily sing God’s praise, when shall ‘earth and ashes,’ the smallest and least of things existing, be able to send up a worthy hymn of praise to God, or worthily to speak of God, that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and holdeth the inhabitants thereof as grasshoppers.


Tell me not that the body is a cause of sin. I said, Ye are Gods, and are all sons of the Most High. For consider what happened in the days of Noe. Cyril of Jerusalem Greek: Transcriptions of a set of class lectures delivered, during the six weeks of Lent, by St. Excuse thyself from talking many idle words: The remark applies in like manner to women also in their turn. I praise and glorify Him that made us; for it is a divine command which saith, Let every breath praise the Lord. For why should I speak any more of man?

But as we have catecheitcal sufficiently concerning the Layer the day before yesterday, let us now return to the remaining subjects of our introductory teaching. If any one is conscious of his wound, let him take the salve; if any has fallen, let him arise.

Of Jews he is confessedly the father, through succession according to the flesh.

CHURCH FATHERS: Catechetical Lectures (Cyril of Jerusalem)

Guard thine own soul, that thou be not ensnared, to the end that abiding in hope thou mayest become an heir of everlasting salvation. May God sometime shew you that night, the darkness which shines like the day, concerning jeruswlem it is said, The darkness shall not be hidden from thee. For He fully beholdeth, and, according as each can bear, revealeth God through the Spirit: It is not an enemy, O man, that assails thee from without, but an evil shoot growing up out of thyself.

He foreknoweth the things that be; He is Holy, and Almighty, and excelleth all in goodness, and majesty, and wisdom: Thy face has been veiled, that thy mind may henceforward be free, lest catechetifal eye by roving jerusqlem the heart rove also.

How un-searchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!

Thou hast learned what moved the Only-begotten to come down from the throne at God’s right hand.