The Aratari Handbook has been replaced by the current Dagorhir Rules, called the Manual of Arms (on Dagorhir’s national website). The Manual of Arms. This guide will explain almost everything you need to know about how to get started playing Dagorhir. The Rules. The rules, or the Manual of. Dagorhir Battle Games is a live action role-playing game (battle game) with full- contact melee The rules of the manual of arms, as well as those pertaining to combat, are upheld by an effective honor system which applies to all players.

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All weapons and shields will be checked every battle. It rles also a good idea to scout the area well in advance. This person does not actually have to be the sole leader of the Unit although in most cases they will bebut they must be a responsible person that Dagorhir can call in order to give information to the entire Unit.

When any weapon strikes a limb, you lose the limb. Founded in Washington, D.

No one may be an archer until they have fought in at least 2 official Dagorhir battles i. Killing may not be necessary to collect an enemy’s gold; you can always threaten to kill them if they do not give up all their gold you may give your last gold piece to an enemy, if you are dead or under threat of death.

All Red weapons when used two-handed can destroy a shield with two good, hard hacks, such as would split a log or make a home run. These outlines will be put together in a booklet that will be available to all members, so that everyone can learn about the other Units. Rocks only count when they hit the head.

Ragnarok > Information > Event Rules

If a javelin is to be caught, it must be gripped behind the head, on the haft. The Herald will interpret and enforce the rules if asked or if there is a dispute.


The statement that you “do not need a character” is misleading. Fire Safety Rules If rles have a rupes, you must have a fire extinguisher on hand. Lost and Found While Dagorhir can assume no responsibility for personal property brought to battles, for the convenience of participants, a Lost and Found will be located at or near the New People table.

You shouldn’t have to scream at your opponent “Okay, I’m dead, quit hitting me,” as dagrohir ought to be obvious that you have died. Almost all warriors were fond of jewelry and many also had elaborate embroidery and designs at their hems of their garments. Once in Valhalla, you may not leave until the heralds tell you to go, although permission will be granted “when nature calls.

For those under 18, a legal guardian must sign the release form. Blue Weapons marked with blue tape are dagofhir handed hacking and smashing weapons and cannot be considered a red weapon even when used with two hands.

Cover the foam with canvas. Minimum weapon length is 12″ overall; minimum blade length is 6″ Differences in Combat: Consider this a work in progress started from Chicken’s post. During a cease fire, the living and wounded must freeze. Wiese chose seven die-hard Dagorhir members to form a council, who would vote on new policies and help to run the events.

Rues Read Edit View history. Dagorhir battles generally fall into 2 categories – field battles and woods battles. This dagorhor the easiest, safest way to make a thrusting tip. The other rules governing Units are as follows: No blade dimensions, just hit test Blade min dimensions: It is something that really needs to be experienced in order to be grasped.

There is usually one roving Herald assigned to each team. Nothing is worse than hearing someone yell: I feel that if someone is just getting interested in dagorhir, and someone tells them to read the rules and then they see how freaking long the rules list is, they are going to get discouraged from actually playing the game by thinking that it is too much to remember.


Just as in improvisational acting, you should act out your part; accents are recommended if they sound believable.

Dagorhir Belegarth Rules Comparison

The weapons check is very strict; if a weapon hurts, it is judged unsafe. No living plants may be harmed. In Dagorhir all people are equal and you must earn respect from your peers. I am new to Dag, but have over two decades of experience in Amtgard. Basically, it is a group of Dagorhirim wearing medieval or fantasy-type clothing who are divided into 2 or more teams.

We highly encourage, in fact we insist that you read it more than once, especially before battles. We are a non-profit organization. These construction rules are final. We do not guarantee that following this manual word for word will result in safe equipment or activities.

Map of known realms. Child of Valor Bairn of Battle harm has come your way, Blood of Bravery be renewed to fight another day.

Ragnarok Event Rules

A drinking song is not quite appropriate. Damage a Weapon Can Inflict When any weapon strikes your torso, you must die. Flag Heralds must be athletic enough to keep up with the flag wherever it goes. Please note that full costume is required at all events. From a large sheet on foam, cut out a piece of foam which has a diameter ten inches larger than the sled so you dagorhhir fold the foam over the edge of the sled. Dagorhir members have stated that they find the phrase “live-action roleplaying game” to be unfitting.

The use of fake fur and leather on costumes is discouraged because it is difficult to make these materials look natural.