Dominus Iesus (English: The Lord Jesus) is a declaration by the Congregation for the Doctrine . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. DOMINUS IESUS: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Talk Handout. I. Proclamation as Spiritual Warfare (Walkthrough of 2 Cor ). A. God’s Strategy: Enlighten all. Religious Pluralism and Dominus Iesus. Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the Church ─ and indeed the whole of Christianity ─ in our day is the challenge .

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Officially, DP is categorized as an Instruction: It will show that the CDF Declaration derives directly from John Paul II himself; that it is part of his Ordinary Magisterium; that it reflects his own thought on Christ, the Church, and the salvation of non-Catholics; and, that it does not contradict his interfaith activity. AAS 56 Leo the Great, Tomus dewcargar Flavianum: Private works Introduction to Christianity Eschatology: Paul, addressing himself to the community of Corinth, writes: DI invites theologians to explore whether and in which way the historical figures and positive elements of other religions might fall 5.

Dominus Iesus – Wikipedia

Christ is none other than Jesus of Nazareth; he is the Word of God made man for the salvation of all That is why one can say that they participate in the Papal Magisterium.

It is not simply a note of orientation. For us men and for our salvation, he came down from heaven: Faithful to God’s word, the Second Vatican Council teaches: Those who obey the promptings of the Spirit of truth are already on the way of salvation. In this regard, John Paul II has explicitly declared: AAS 56 [] Thus, the Encyclical Redemptoris missio calls the Church once again to the task of announcing the Gospel as the fullness of truth: From the beginning, the community of believers has recognized in Jesus a salvific value such that he alone, as Son of God made man, crucified and risen, by the mission received from the Father and in the power of the Holy Spirit, bestows revelation cf.


Not only was [DI] not formulated with Jews in mind; Jews, we are sometimes told, are entirely excluded from the purview of its controversial assertions.

The Catholic Church approaches non-Christian religions with an attitude of sincere respect and fervent witness to Christ no. Salvation Salvation is a leitmotif recurring in religious talk of every sort.

In other words, there are good reasons to pray and worship, to teach the Faith, to dialogue with non-Christians, to engage in social work besides that of increasing the number of people who belong to desczrgar Church. Official Teaching descarrgar Catholic Church Convention Held in Milwaukee Juneed.

“Dominus Iesus” presented by Fr. Augustine Di Noia, O.P.

A quicker reference point, with sources, can be found in: You cannot sustain that behavior with a theology that says we have absolute and full truth” John L.

Although not identical to Him, she is nevertheless inseparably united with Him; and, He continues the work of salvation through her. If they fail to respond in thought, word, and deed to that grace, not only shall they not be saved, but they shall be more severely judged.

The elevated nature of DI is also perceptible in the language used for its approbation, e. Michel is also correct Pope and Charles Hefling eds. This definitive self-revelation of Dlminus is the desargar reason why the Church is missionary by her very nature.

SC20 – 44; St. The one subject which operates in the two natures, human and divine, is the single person of the Word. Views Read Edit View history.

Yet, John Paul II is clear: Second Vatican Council, Decree Unitatis redintegratio, AAS 83 Weakland of Milwaukee, WI since retiredwrote: With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified. Decree Ad gentes7; Decree Unitatis redintegratio, 3.

AAS 84; cf. Vatican II … opened up many possibilities of relationship which had been closed before … [W]e see [DI] as part of a sustained effort by Catholic conservatives to deny the growing relationship and respect between and among the different ecclesial communities.


Augustine Di Noia, O. He ifsus therefore not an alternative to Christ nor does he fill a sort of void which is sometimes suggested as existing between Christ and the Logos. Click here to sign up. In contemporary theological reflection there often emerges an approach to Jesus of Nazareth that considers him a particular, finite, historical figure, who reveals the divine not in an exclusive way, but in a way complementary with other revelatory and salvific figures.

Kasper himself retired from the post in July Athanasius, De Incarnatione, 54, 3: These theses are in profound conflict with the Christian faith. Indeed, the Church, guided by charity and respect for freedom, 98 must be primarily committed to proclaiming vominus all people the truth definitively revealed by the Lord, and to announcing the necessity of conversion to Jesus Christ and of adherence to the Church through Baptism and the other sacraments, in order to participate fully in communion with God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For this reason, Jesus perfected revelation by fulfilling it through his whole dominuw of making himself present and manifesting himself: A Catholic dogmaExtra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus literally “no salvation outside the Church” has sometimes been interpreted as denying salvation to non-Catholic Christians as well as non-Christians, though Catholic teaching has long stressed the possibility of salvation for persons invincibly ignorant through no fault of their own of the Catholic Church’s necessity and thus descargat culpable for lacking communion with the Church.