A short description of the DISLIN features is given in Overview while a detailed description is available in the online manual and in the alphabetical list of all. This manual describes the data plotting library DISLIN written in the programming languages Fortran and C. The name DISLIN is an abbreviation for. DISLIN PDF Manual – DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces.

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Using DISLIN to make a GUI for a Fortran Program

Ok – you have “mixed C library syndrome”. Davide Doing as dislln suggest and renaming the files to c: The problem is that dlink only takes as an argument the name of the main program. Something wrong with the SMath Studio I think, there is no working example because I can’t save the worksheet.

Do not save the worksheet! Attachment Size Download Capture. Therefore it is necessary to follow exactly what I write. Looks like we just might get the right plotting tool in SMath. Moreover I do not find any log. The library interface is ugly. The order of calling functions is important. I reran the ifort and the lib command I also ran set lib and the results are all shown on the attached png file.


Thank you Viacheslav, disabling the recalculation I can save your example and I experienced some small improvements still doesn’t works: Sources can be found at https: There is a bug in SMath Studio Maual think, we must wait until Andrey say something about saving function names with points. When a program written in Fortran links to Dislin, I use: Email Required, but never shown. I use Image Region plugin for visualization, you can mnual not only svg but other formats too: This is open-source project developed by Helmut Michels michels mps.

I’m not sure how you even got the path to ifort unless you added it manually.

Using DISLIN to make a GUI

Davide Carpi Aside note, crash occours if the output directory doesn’t exists; You have to disable the auto recalculation, open the worksheet, change the directories, and then you can run the example provided by Viacheslav.

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Not specified Russia forever! Registered, Advanced Member Joined: Log file is available only if SMath is running, deleted after closing.

Reinstalled again downloading the last release from the site I tried the different libraries. I’ll fix it now. Restart SMath Studio if functions unavailable.

The library files are installed in a folder called c: Try copying that Examples folder to your desktop and try again there. Davide Carpi Aside note, crash occours if the output directory doesn’t exists. MOD is stored in c: The result image has artifacts. Still got the same error.