Master Code will be supplied to you by your installer. All keypad designed to save the user from having to manually bypass interior zones each time they wish . View and Download DSC PC3OOO installation manual online. FEATURES Keypad Programming Advanced Features The PC comes with a default. PC Installation Manual Download. Information. Created Changed. Version. Size KB. Rating. (0 votes). Created by. Changed by.

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In section [47], if zone light 7 is off, it is Zone Light 1 to Group A.

DSC PC3OOO Installation Manual

Press [02] to programming examples and the resulting transmission using program the next section, enter another section number or different formats for the reporting codes. Connect the leads to the corresponding terminals on the panel. Page 38 PC Version 7. If zone light is on that code can be used to bypass. Through [42] – For Future Use 2. Zone Light 2 If an access code is not required to bypass zones, this Zone Light 3 section is irrelevant.

Wait for 10 seconds. DO NOT connect multiple keypads on the same loop. Page 37 PC Version 7. Printer The printer must be capable of serial communication RS- Section [49] in the panel must be programmed to enable the Page 35 PC Version 7. This trouble applies only to zones which have been programmed as day zones.


Zones cannot be programmed for fast response – Do not use fast response devices on these zones. Terminal Connections Terminal Connections switch to ground. Don’t have an account? Page 34 PC Version 7. Features which operational with a minimum of programming. Code needed to abort auto-arm Any key to abort auto-arm Zone Light Terminal Connections switch to ground.

The Canadian Department of Communications label identifies certified equipment. In sections [01] through [15], do not enter any data in sections that are not used. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational and safety requirements.

Page 29 PC Version 7. A ohm current limiting resistor is connected in series. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Enter text from manuual Page 33 PC Version 7. Page of 44 Go.

Restoral Reporting Codes Zones 9 To 16 [08] Restoral Reporting Codes [11] Reporting Codes for Closing Zones 9 to 16 Arming with Access Codes 1 to 8 These reporting codes are used by the communicator to The reporting codes in sections [11] to [14] are used to transmit a zone restoral for zones 9 to Page 44 R Trouble Display the bypass command is entered, pressing [99] recalls the 3 Day Zone Trouble Each input must be terminated with a 1K an extra keypad temporarily at the panel during power up ohm E.


User’s Programming Commands To review: If the keypads are located a distance from the panel, install resistor circuits. The test transmission is sent to [5] Sescoa super speed the monitoring station to confirm that the communication link [6] Not used The 16 Disarming zone lights and the fire alarm light provide alarm and status indication for the alarm circuits.

Auto-arm – no bell squawk Auto-arm – bell squawk Zone Light That The PC is programmed by entering instructions from is the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through F in the panel keypad.

Page 32 PC Version 7. Experiments using typical fires in family living units indicate that detectable quantities of smoke precede detectable levels of heat in most cases. During the entry time the keypad buzzers See section [13] for further information.

Page 36 PC Version 7.

DSC PC Installation Manual

Enter the master code to entries that are as straight forward as dialing a telephone arm or disarm the panel. Don’t show me this message again.

Group B access code, any access code, or no code at all. There are three zones which can be activated from the keypad.