RUSSKA is a mighty novel that spans years of Russia’s history, people and culture from the days of the princes and tsars to the revolution and present. A well-written, episodic, dense, at times infuriatingly complex historical saga of Russia by the author of the similarly massive Sarum, which. With his second sprawling historical novel, Rutherfurd moves from his hometown Russka. Edward Rutherfurd, Author, Betty Prashker, Editor Crown Publishing.

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But nonsensical mistakes and unrealistic details in the last chapter of the book devoted to the Soviet and post Soviet times made it impossible for me to give it more than two stars — “it was OK” A few examples: Od autora svetskog bestselera “Sarum”, dolazi nam epska saga o najvecoj slovenskoj zemlji.

Francis Edward Wintlebest known under his pen name Edward Rutherfurdwas born in the cathedral city of Salisbury. I loved this book! Crammed with exhaustive and russak well-researched historical, geographical, and cultural detail, this epic novel traces Russia’s quest for freedom and identity from A. Rutherfurd deals with these chapters quite well but it is not a particularly interesting read.

The next few chapters are largely about religious strife between their Polish Catholic rivals and Orthodox Russians. Perhaps, the best moment in the book. Despite the preponderance of names that repeat themselves from one generation to the next the plot is littered with very old or very young Arinas and Maryushkas, for example –a circumstance that may befuddle the casual reader–Rutherfurd’s opus extraordinaire may captivate readers of the genre as well as serious history buffs.

It spends a very short chapter ruszka the Soviet era, and then ends in the post Soviet era of Russia in the early s. If you know nothing about Russia, this makes for a five star read, but if you do know about it and especially if you lived there, things get more complicated. Want to Read saving…. What is clear is that revolution had a few false starts in this period, various uprisings within Ukraine and Russia from various factions that were suppressed or petered out and finally find success in the russma Oni i ne slute da su jos od zlatnog Kijeva, kao rodjaci i prijatelji, gospodar Jedna knjiga- jedan potpuno novi svet!


Previous Post Useful Website: C hasta finales del siglo XX. However, revolutions are always double-edged swords and Rutherfurd writes about the darkest times in Russian History with sensitivity and objectivity.

Book Review: Russka by Edward Rutherfurd

By rsska to use this website, you agree to their use. For the record, I think the first decision was a good call, since few authors can make prehistory compelling, but really, how can you write a page book about Russian history and give the entire Soviet period only 6?

These are books to savor. Still worth the read if you don’t mind an epic family saga and enjoy Russian history Tusska, Suvorin i Bobrov. A difficult section to read due to the unpleasant relationship she has with her father after her brother is taken and her mother killed by Tatars. Using a narrative which sweeps through russoa, it becomes easier to understand how communism was a logical next step when it happened.

Russka: The Novel of Russia by Edward Rutherfurd

How silent it was. There could have been a little more in the way of experiencing events that made Russian history.

After I got to russja pages, I had to take a break; Rutherfurd’s books are long and slow-going not in a negative way, thoughprimarily because the scope is so broad this one covers years. I feel there was more history and character development in this one than in Sarum and I liked it better. His books are series of interconnected short stories, which are set in different eras of history.


Book Review: Russka by Edward Rutherfurd – Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink

See more book reviews, discussions and fiction writing at my blog Jedna knjiga- jedan potpuno novi svet! He does spend quite a bit of time on certain periods and glosses over others. I loved Edward Rutherford’s Sarum. Novels by Edward Rutherfurd. I even rutherfurf straight-up history as long as it isn’t too dry – for example anything by Robert K. The story really opens up in the story of Ivan and this, arguably, is where the story of Russka truly begins.

Videos about this book Buy Online Click below to purchase this book in all formats: It’s great and I would read it again as I have read Sarum a few times.

I was looking for a perspective that told the story of the common person during the events that shaped history. For instance, we’re told that one character is “shrewd,” and everything he says is said “shrewdly”; also, Rutherfurd has a rjsska to interpret events and make announcements like, “What happened next was her fault.


A word on the history: That’s one of the themes of Edward Rutherfurd’s RUSSKA, a timely and powerful story in the James Michener mold that provides insight into a vast nation about which few westerners are well informed.

It is better as educational fiction; few people in the west have a level of understanding of Russian history that is deserving of its colourful past and that is the strength of this book.

Rutuerfurd wanted to give this book three stars — “liked it”, by goodreads’ definition.

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