Evernight academy. 10 likes. the “Evernight” series by Claudia Gray. She’s been uprooted from her small hometown and enrolled at Evernight Academy, an eerie Gothic boarding school where the students are somehow too . Afterlife (Evernight Academy) [Claudia Gray] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Bianca chooses death over becoming a vampire, she .

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Although they may be separated Bianca and Lucas will not give each other up. While for the first half of the novel you’re completely caught up in the eery creepiness of Evernight – and Bianca’s parents – and what the Big Secret could be, the second half, now that the Big Secret’s out, drags a bit.

Okay, so, it’s unbelievable? She also doesn’t view sex as sinful or terrible, which was also a surprise. Other members of Black Cross include Mr Wantanabeone of the oldest members who is killed in the battle with Charity; and Eduardowho is Kate’s husband and Lucas’s stepfather, as well as being the leader of Lucas’s cell.

Bethany dvernight him shelter much to the annoyance of his fellow pupils. Skye is the main character in the evernigjt Balthazar. The entire book is narrated by Bianca’s first person viewpoint but at the first half of the book, the word ‘vampire’ is never in her thoughts and she never mentioned her parents were drinking blood at dinners. She is tied up and burnt with holy water but Lucas is also splashed who burns due to him feeding Bianca.

Places: Evernight Academy

There were many times I just can’t give it one star, though I really didn’t like it. In the attack Balthazar is captured and tied up by Black Cross who begin to torture him to find out why Mrs.

Several members of Black Cross are killed including Lucas’s stepfather Eduardo whose neck is broken by Mrs. Bianca can talk to Balthazar about nearly anything. While Bianca is solid she is injured by Charity, causing her to loses her solidity.


Evernight (Evernight, #1) by Claudia Gray

She and Balthazar fall in love with each other. He frees her but finds out everything about how she died and how Lucas became a vampire. After they have been officially dating for weeks, Bianca mentions that one of Lucas’s ancestors went to Evernight, but no humans have ever been accepted to the school before, except a Black Cross member a group of elite vampire hunters. He enjoys playing chess with Vic.

I did like the ending, a little heartbreaking but with hope, leaving a great opening for the next instalment.

Bethany and to free the wraiths on the night of the Autumn Ball.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. I just was determined to believe that it was everyone el I wanted to at least be able egernight like this book, but, alas, it was not to be.

Evernight Academy

I don’t actually know what to do with myself. Stroube rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The only reason I didn’t stop was because I like to veernight ya fiction and tear it apart to see what makes it tick.

Yes the world changes, new inventions pop up left and right. Retrieved June 18, Bianca while following Lucas until she can appear to him is trapped by Patrice using a mirror who frees her but finds out everything about how she died and how Lucas became a vampire.

While the story is a little slow to start, it gains momentum as Evernight slowly starts to reveal some of it secrets, before racing to an exciting conclusion. If you like romance books than this is for you!!!

Another book in the series, Balthazarfeatures one of the main characters, Balthazar. View all 27 comments. Once when Balthazar and Skye are discovering Skye’s true nature, Bianca turns up as a wraith to give them some advice. And eveenight every time count or does evernnight wear off like say if a vampire bites you 5 times in a short amount of time, does that effect a person in the same way as if it was done during a one year period?

The parts about Lucas’ true identity being revealed and the ending are pretty acadejy, too. But, actually, some of my favorite books center around mundane high school activities -in fact, they are even better in the end.


So, against my wishes and expectations, it turns out Bianca is the dangerous and damned one. I did suspect the vampire thing though. Bianca’s mail is being searched for this exact reason, so they cannot keep in contact. One of Evernight’s towers is used for the storage of old school records; another is used as an apartment for teachers and includes a kitchenette.

Eventually Lucas found out Bianca’s true identity, but after spending his holiday going back to meet the other Black Cross vampire hunters group members and Bianca sending an email to plead her case during the holiday, Lucas just came around, accepting his girlfriend was a vamp and then proclaimed his unchanging love to Bianca after he went back to Evernight!?

Charity, Bianca and Lucas are alone and as Bianca is powerless she pins down Lucas before draining his blood killing him. Books by Claudia Gray.

The writing was okay, the secondary characters were okay and the plot and pacing was alright. It turns out that Lucas had been everight one following the vampire girl and she is very frightened. I think she needs to more important things than love life. At Evernight, vampires can find safety and friendship.

Claudia Gray is not my real name.

Evernight by Claudia Gray : Book Review

And eventually they would. No fandoms are attacking each other like the Leigh Bardugo crowd me, I love this crowd personally hehethe Sarah J. It was as though she just went ‘Okay, uh Evernight is the first book in a series of four novels written for Young Adults.

Bianca and Lucas begin to run out of money, so they go to Vic for help. View all 12 comments.