Hey guys! Thought I should share my thoughts on this BEAUTIFUL book about independence drumming. I know that on my posts about which. Cutting-edge techniques to master 4-limb independence from German drum sensation Marco Minnemann. His method will dramatically increase independence. drummer Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops His challenging instructional books (Extreme Interdependence, Ultimate Play-Along, and the latest, Maximum .

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It really makes your mind work harder because you have to break down the pieces of this “machine” we call independence with the FOUR limbs of course, and extgeme put them back together. The concept of interdependence evolved directly from the fact that I wanted to learn how to play some of the drum patterns that I was programming for my original compositions back in Do you feel that most drummers come niterdependence your clinics really wanting to learn anything, or are they mostly there to see a superhero flash his superpowers?

But his real magic is that he makes even the most complicated rhythms sound and feel as smooth and relaxed as his emotionally driven, rock-solid, basic grooves.

Then I began the next chapter of adding triplet combinations and playing them against the 16th-note groupings. I ibterdependence ya on that. That way I was learning how all the parts went together. I remember this began in between tours, while I was in Spain.


I had two weeks off and decided I would start ,arco on all of the various combinations that I could imagine against one another. People listening are like ‘hey, how the heck can he do that?

And to be honest they didn’t look to hard at first to execute but the farther you go, the more complex the exercises become. So while writing down all of these ideas, I practiced until I felt comfortable with them. Marco has also developed technically amazing, visually exciting soloing skills with this advanced technique.

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Has anybody made it through this whole book? So it all began with the first chapter of course: When and why did you begin your pursuit of interdependence? One of the guys came into the room to see who was playing. The time now is October 02, Exterme 03, It sounds cool to start with one part and then add another, and then add another.

Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops

When I began to get it, the feeling was amazing. The energy that I put into learning these difficult concepts comes back to me when I minnnemann learn them. Did that book by any chance come with a dvd? I never intended to write any books or try to influence a new generation of drummers with this concept.

  EBA 3140C PDF

Send a private message to h3r3tic. I’ll probably never get to go through the actual book itself but the warm-ups alone can do amazing things for your independence.

EXTREME INTERDEPENDENCE – Drumming Beyond Independence na Freenote

What I do is learn the hand parts, then add the feet one foot at a time. Send a private message to FunkyJazzer. I hope you get the general idea of what I am saying.

I’ve only went through the warm-up exercises they’re hard enough as it is! All of that became the first chapter of this new technique.

If I have to, I’ll add the foot part one note at a time until I have the whole figure. October 01, These combinations led to very interesting modulations in the rhythm. Rising to the top of this short list is German super-talent Marco Minnemann.