Frederick Cossom Hollows (–), ophthalmologist, was born on 9 April at Dunedin, New Zealand, second of four sons of Joseph Alfred Hollows. Hollows, Frederick Cossum (Fred) – Biographical entry – Encyclopedia of Australian Science, Bright Sparcs is a biographical, bibliographical. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand Fred had originally studied to become a minister of religion; but during a summer holiday job at a mental health.

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Hollows, Frederick Cossum (Fred) – Biographical entry – Encyclopedia of Australian Science

Because Australia is the only developed country in the world where this disease still exists, Hollows fought hard to establish a national treatment program. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. To counter the extortionate prices of Western manufacturers, biograph began to raise funds to establish lens factories in Eritrea, Vietnam, and Nepal.

In he established The Fred Hollows Foundation which continues to support expansion of these and other projects. In he was appointed AC; he was promoted to professor the following year.

His visits to Nepal inEritrea inand Vietnam in resulted in training programs to train local technicians to perform eye surgery. Archived 3 November biogrpahy the Wayback Machine. Royal Australian College of Opthalmologists, text-indent: He developed a love of mountain climbing, which became his main source of recreation and relaxation. He grew up as a dutiful member of the Churches of Christ and, influenced by his father, became interested in social justice.

Seven years later they moved to Australia.

From — he chaired the ophthalmology division overseeing the teaching departments at the University of New South Wales, and the Prince of Wales and Prince Henry hospitals. As an ophthalmic registrar —64 at the Medical Research Council Epidemiological Unit in Cardiff, he undertook pioneering research on the epidemiology of glaucoma in mining towns.


Around that same year he was given an advance Australia award. The family lived in Dunedin for the first seven years of his life. Throughout his career Fred Hollows was heavily involved in improving the health of Australia’s indigenous and rural people.

Fred Hollows

Kerr Publishing, text-indent: Environmental health measures, such as access to clean running water and dust reduction, and education to fredd standards of hygiene, could dramatically improve eye health. Fred Hollows was an Australian ophthalmologist who is known for providing quality eye care to those in need throughout the world. The cause of his death was metastatic renal cancer primarily affecting his lungs and brain. Biogaphy working a summer job in a mental hospital in Porirua, he realized that he wanted to help people in another way.

Fred Hollows: fred hollows biography

Maddy Perrignon 4 March at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hollows was married twice: When Fred finish primary school he started high school at Palmerston Boys High school.

He became aware of the alarming prevalence of curable eye disease, particularly trachoma, among Aboriginal people during visits to Wattie Creek Daguragu and Wave Hill inand to Bourke, Enngonia, and other New South Wales towns.

He prescribed more than 10, glasses and he enjoyed every bit of it. Inhe visited Nepal to assist in the bollows of local technicians and to reduce the cost of eye care. Thursday, 16 September fred hollows biography. Skip to Published Resources. February 10yollows Victoria University of Wellington. According to The Australian ‘s Martin Thomas, Hollows hollowa that some homosexuals were “recklessly spreading the virus”; therefore, the safe sex campaign was an inadequate way of dealing with the issue.


Hollows was a member of the Communist Party of New Zealand during the s and s. He briefly studied at bipgraphy seminary, but decided against a life in the clergy.

Lachie 2 February at Cataracts were the commonest problem in these countries. His talent in science meant that he was offered a place in the medicine faculty at university. Hollows was originally a New Zealand citizen. Early on in his career, he realized that the Aborigines were not being provided the screening and treatment that could eliminate a majority of the cases of blindness that were occurring. He took up ecclesiastical studies inbut after one year decided to withdraw.

Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. In Julywith Mum Shirl Smith and others, he set up the Aboriginal Medical Service in suburban Redfern in Sydney, and subsequently assisted in the establishment of medical services for Aboriginal People throughout Australia. More than Aboriginal communities were visited, and 62, Aboriginal people were examined, leading to 27, being treated for trachoma and 1, operations being carried out.