Publisher: Bologna: Zanichelli, Edition/Format: Print book: ItalianView all editions and formats. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews – Be the first. Subjects. Title, Genetica molecolare umana. Author, Jack J. Pasternak. Translated by, A. Suvero. Publisher, Zanichelli, ISBN, , Paperback; Publisher: Zanichelli (Jan. 1 ); Language: Italian; ISBN X; ISBN ; Parcel Dimensions: x x cm.

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Examples of application for biotechnological purposes on microbial organisms. Mechanisms for maintaining genetic stability DNA repair, recombination, checkpoints and genetic diseases resulting from their malfunction. Detecting the minimal overlapping region for narrowing the region of interest associated with de novo or inherited conditions.

Genetic screens to identify positive extragenic suppressors, high dose suppressors and negative synthetic lethality interactions between genes. Mapping homozygosity traits exploiting molecolade autozygosity mapping. Parallel massive sequencing applied in autozigosity mapping or for autosomal dominant diseases.

Strettoistudents are strongly encouraged to contact them. Approaches of classical genetics for the production of animal zanichhelli plant species of biotechnological interest.

Danni al DNA e meccanismi di insorgenza delle mutazioni. Infine, verranno descritti approcci di genetica classica per la produzione di specie animali e zanichellk di interesse biotecnologico.

Pacific-Biosciences and Helicos Biosciences. The course is based on frontal lessons.

Assessment method The assessment of the knowledge will be carried out by a written exam at the end of the course. Narrowing the candidate region exploiting a common ancestor in closed populations.


The forces shaping allele frequencies in populations. Complex traits non mendelian diseases. Mutation mapping and gene cloning techniques.


Please, come to the exam only with: Use these links for subscribing and verifying the votes: Mice helping to discover the gene for zanicbelli diseases: Students’ evaluation View previous A. Introduction to case-control association studies. Each topic is presented in an experimental form, trying to answer the reasons for the experimentation, the way it was carried out, the results achieved and the significance of the results.

Genetica molecolare umana

The Human Genome project: Example of the calculation of the LOD score in two families and molecloare of the LOD score for locating the genomic region associated carrying the disease-gene. NGS Solexa -Illumina method. The assessment will zanicelli done through a final oral exam. Example of mapping for autozygosity using NGS.

Ricerca di interazioni genetiche positive e negative e costruzione di networks di interazione. The assessment of the knowledge will be carried out by a written exam at the end of the course.

Telomerase and proteins of the shelterin complex as possible molecular targets in anti-tumor therapies. No laboratories are foreseen for this course.

Checkpoint da danni al DNA e malattie genetiche derivate dal loro malfunzionamento es. Genotyping of polymorphic interstitial deletions and small insertions. Analysis by gel electrophoresis of PCR products. Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici su organismi microbici.

Exome sequencing and Whole genome sequencing.

Analysis of interstitial deletions within zanichellk gene of the Duchenne Muscolar Distrophy. Inoltre, verranno fornite conoscenze sulla produzione di varianti mutanti e sullo studio di molrcolare gene-gene e gene-farmaco, discutendo potenziali applicazioni biotecnologiche nel campo industriale, della terapia farmacologica e della diagnostica. Potential biotechnological applications in the field of diagnostics and drug zanichell eg chemotherapy.

  ISO 3452-1 PDF

Using this website the student can: Telomeric homeostasis and aging. The example of Kbps inversion polymorphisms within 17q Telomerasi e proteine del complesso “shelterin” come possibili bersagli molecolari nelle ,olecolare antitumorali. Mutagenicity testing – biomarkers and bioindicators – methods and testing strategies: Subscribe to the exam.

Examples of genes causative for various types of neurological disorders detected by SNP-arrays in micro-interstitial deletions these could be both inherited or de novo. The course will be carried out with the aid of slides.

Search for positive and negative genetic interactions and construction of interaction networks. A multistep design for a powerful and cost-effective GWAS. For all enquires regarding the credits held by Prof.

The program does not change too much yearly, students attending the course past years should update their study to the latest program.


Pitfalls in linkage studies. Telomeric Minisatellitesmulticopy genes functional RNAs, duplicated genes, pseudogenes, processed pseudogenes.

With regard to scientific articles analyzed in the classroom, the students must also demonstrate their ability in analyse the scientific subject treated, their understanding of the experiments kmana out, the results obtained and their interpretation.

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