Deployment. When you deploy your MSI you should also deploy the packages for Ghostscript and Xpdf. Ghostscript Lite MSI package · Xpdf MSI package. Set the Bullzip PDF Printer option as the default printer before accessing the hosted application and print as normal (If there is no Bullzip PDF Printer available in. Sep 19, So I’m reading this article and because we have Bullzip PDF printer installed in our environment I wanted to know what version of GhostScript.

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PrintPdf function in API. Normally you do not need to change these settings from their default values. New setting rememberlastfoldername is now supported.

Author Author of the PDF document. Problem where the installer reported “Not implemented” has been fixed.

With this setting you can specify which license to use. The output setting allows you to direct the output of the PDF printer to a specific file. Greek added as new language. The previous version could only detect Ghostscript 8. In this model your users are subject to the normal license conditions and must buy a license if they have more than 10 users per company.

Russian and Hungarian added as new languages. Fix for selecting the correct file extension when using the Save As dialog.


Open destination folder after PDF creation. New setting watermarkfontname is now supported. MergePosition If you specify a merge file this parameter will determine the position of current PDF output in the merged result. Option dialog now supports running ghostzcript on success and error. Ignore empty registry settings. Advanced customization feature where you can replace the GUI with your own executable file made in your favorite programming language.

The home page icon will not be installed in the start menu when this parameter is specified. Version history RSS Feed.

FREE PDF Printer

Setup program of version 3. Wiht PDF Studio, you can. Problem with installing olepro A redistribution license offers a royalty free redistribution model, which is what most software companies want. If you later want to uninstall the program you can do so through the Add or Remove programs feature of Microsoft Windows.

I am struggling to download ghostscript lite for bullzip pdf printer – Microsoft Community

New hideoptiontabs setting to control which tabs are visible in the options dialog. Distributing GPL Ghostscript Instead of running the Ghostscript installation program every time you want to install the printer driver on a new computer you can make the Bullzip PDF Printer setup program distribute the files needed to run Ghostscript on the target computer. The following macro names can be used:. Remember last used option set with support for ghsotscript dialogs. This site in other languages x.


Merging with a file that doesn’t exist does no longer create an empty PDF file. First you download the Excel file from the link below.

Fixes file time stamp for attached files. Runtime error should no longer occur during startup. Limited support for PStill converter was added. The professional setup executable accepts a wide range of parameters and offers a lot of functionality.

Free PDF Printer

In the current version you can change the Title, the Creator and the Author settings. I’m a software developer and want to redistribute the PDF Printer with my own software.

Shows messages and SaveAs dialogs in the user’s context. When the external program has terminated the printing process will continue based on the changed settings in the settings file. Monitor removes postscript file if the job is discarded. Turkish added as new language. Automatic distribution of GPL Ghostscript as well as the printer driver. CustomGui setting now holds a command line instead of only the executable.

Ghkstscript roots are now valid destinations. Specifies the custom exit code that Setup is to return when a restart is needed.