GMAT Data Sufficiency questions may be unique, but they aren’t impossible. Use these 6 tips to master Data Sufficiency on the GMAT!. Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section. If you are taking GMAT for the first time, you must know that data sufficiency section is a. With some practice, your mind will be trained to think like a GMAT Data Sufficiency.

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Analyze each numbered statement individually. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

It is included with every account and proven to significantly maximize your score. Familiarize with the Answer Choices No excuses: Graduate Management Admission Test.

Memorize common roots and higher powers. Ever heard of a Math problem that you actually don’t have to solve. As ofKnewton has discontinued offering tutoring sufficiencu. Setting yourself up with solid practice tools and creating a practice schedule you can stick to will help you prepare for the data sufficiency questions. It may sound easy, but I absolutely guarantee you that you’ll make this mistake at least once, and probably many more times than that.

These are the ten tips that can largely help you to prepare well for data sufficiency section in GMAT.


Be comfortable representing these overlapping sets with Venn diagrams. Collect and Interpret Facts 5.

Ten Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section | QS-LEAP

We always want to make sure we understand what the question is asking us. The statements, when taken together, are still insufficient. In the question we just worked through, the correct choice was E. Read Every Statement Separately: The writers of the GMAT know that people generally pick positive, whole numbers to plug into their equations.

Advanced GMAT Data Sufficiency Tips (Video)

Remember, we always want to evaluate each statement individually, before looking at them together. With some practice, your mind will be trained to think like a DS Wizard. A certain group of car dealerships agreed to donate x dollars to a Red Cross chapter for each card sold during a day period. Is that enough information to answer the question?

If there is information given in the sufficiencg, keep that in mind as well.

Top 10 Tips to Ace GMAT Data Sufficiency

Know in the blink of an eye what choice C is. Rather, try to understand if the information given is enough to solve the question or can it help in finding the answer. Be attentive to such traps.

Your focus should be steadfast on finding sufficiency of statements and not finding the answer. The question asks us to determine how much money will be donated to the Red Cross based on the number of cars sold at the dealership.


For instance, you may see questions on properties of integers, sets, and counting methods. Click to read more. Also see this tutorialwhich expounds on some of these tips. The tricky part is that you have to temporarily forget what you suffickency in 1. Thankfully, there are many tips to help you through.

A GMAT data sufficiency question is made up of a question and two statements, labeled 1 and 2. So, we cannot solve the daga xmeaning that statement 1 is NOT sufficient for us to solve this problem.

Ten Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section

Following are some GMAT tips that apply specifically to Data Sufficiency questions — one of the two basic question formats you’ll encounter during the exam’s Quantitative section.

Datta test day, if you find that Statement 1 is insufficient, be able to cross out choices A and D without hesitation. We have the industry’s leading GMAT prep program.