GMAT Data Sufficiency questions may be unique, but they aren’t impossible. Use these 6 tips to master Data Sufficiency on the GMAT!. Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section. If you are taking GMAT for the first time, you must know that data sufficiency section is a. With some practice, your mind will be trained to think like a GMAT Data Sufficiency.

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Instead, handle any Data Sufficiency question using your knowledge of mathematics along with the numbers provided. The test makers are not out to trick you in this way. This is necessary sufflciency restrain any confusion from usfficiency in your mind. If statements separately are not sufficient, only then, you should find probabilities in combining them. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They are the same on every single DS item.

While there is no set number of data sufficiency questions on the quant section, GMAT Club reports that data sufficiency questions generally make up just under sufficienccy of questions on the quant section.

A certain wooded lot contains 56 oak trees. Making this mistake is remarkably easy, especially under time pressure and in a momentary lapse of concentration. Nothing Wrong In Eliminating and Guessing: While 3, 5, and 7 are prime, 1 is not a prime. Ever heard of a Math problem that you actually don’t have to solve.

Right away, I notice that both 6 and 9 are multiples of 3, so the equation can be simplified by dividing each term by 3. That will never change.


Takes notes efficiently Each statement alone will be sufficient if both of the statements on their own contain sufficienxy the information necessary to answer the question.

Use process of elimination to narrow the choices. These simple tips will save you time and build your confidence on test day. This strategy will also save you time. There are two basic kinds of data sufficiency questions: Data Sufficiency Strategies I’ve written a few other articles on Data Sufficiency, but to keep things short, here are some pieces of advice to start with: Here, we have all of the information available to us: How many pine trees does the lot contain?

Therefore, the statements are insufficient alone and together, so the correct answer is E. Also see this tutorialwhich expounds on some of these tips. For instance, you may see questions on properties of integers, sets, and counting methods. All I need to do is know that I can solve it. Therefore, Statement 1 is not sufficient.

Now, we can set the equations equal to each other because they both represent the same thing ratio of oak to pine trees. It may happen that statement 2 is reiterating the same point as mentioned in statement 1 by playing with the words.

7 Expert GMAT Data Sufficiency Tips + Examples • PrepScholar GMAT

Study prime factorizations and divisibility. A Complete Career Guide Book. Speed up Summary Creation 6. Train yourself to answer questions about sets methodically and quickly. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author of this website. The Data Sufficiency Format If you’re a complete novice, it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic format. In the question we sufgiciency worked through, the correct choice was E. Here, then, we know that x is positive, and that it is less than 8.


Statement 2 may tell you that x is negative, but that fact has no bearing on Statement 1 when viewed by itself.

The freeway to an awesome SAT score, is now here! Evidence Family — Inference Triccks 0 If you have every side length, can you find the area?

Tips for Answering GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions

Built by Gmta, MIT, Stanford, and Wharton alumni and GMAT 99th percentile scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses and customizes a curriculum so you get the most effective prep possible.

Your focus should be steadfast on finding sufficiency of statements and not finding the answer. Is that enough information to answer the question? A GMAT data sufficiency question is made up of a question and two statements, sufficiency 1 and 2.

If you know the area, you can find the side length; conversely, if you know the side length, you can find the area. They’re the same for each and every Data Sufficiency question. If you can eliminate either choice A or Bsuffickency you can also eliminate choice D.

You may also find many questions based on overlapping sets. So if you find yourself doing a lot of pencil work, you’re probably on the wrong track. However, it might not be prime: Here’s what a Data Sufficiency item looks like: Site by Sketchbook Design Solutions. Like Comment gmt Share.