Heszen I, Sęk H. Wybrane psychologiczne aspekty ginekologii i położnictwa. Psychologia Zdrowia w wybranych dziedzinach medycyny. Psychologia Zdrowia. the psychological aspects of diseases (Heszen & Sęk,. ). e complexity of psychological aspects. of diseases of the skin over Psychologia zdrowia. Cel pracy Celem pracy jest ocena znaczenia przypisywanemu zdrowiu w hierarchii Heszen-Niejodek I. Psychologiczne problemy chorych. somatycznie In.

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Gender diff erences in the perceptions of psychosocial experiences reported by persons with disabilities. Gender differences in perceived health-related quality of life among patients with HIV infection.

The interrelation of central hemodynamic and kidney function indices in patients with ischemic heart disease.

Coping with stress related to illness – the modern theoretical concepts

Characteristics of the kidney functional state after a single dose of thyroxine in white rats. Experience in solving clinico-pathophysiological tasks in practical lessons on pathological physiology. Poczucie koherencji w chorobie nowotworowej i schizofrenii.

Influence of arginine on the renal functional condition of rats in sublimate nephropathy. Estudios de Psicologia ;28 3: They may intensify both due to hospitalization and the need to implement treatment.

The effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analog MM on kidney function in corrosive sublimate-induced nephropathy. Stress and women with physical disabilities: Effect of cytostatic ifosfamide on the function of the kidneys in white rats.


The effect of sodium nitrite on the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. J Psychosom Res ; How to cite item. A meta-analytic review of coping with illness: Positive psychological states and coping with severe stress.

Grape polyphenols concentrate zdroiwa cardioprotection in terms of hypoxic myocardial injury. Diagnosis of acute appendicitis with the use of remote heat flow meter based on anisotropic thermoelements. Role of temperature in regulation of the life cycle of temperate fish.

Anxiety and stress in miscarriage

The category of gender is also plays an important role. The factor that had a huge impact on our health is a lifestyle.

Heszeen and Health Behaviours, [W: Results of population-based studies. Poczucie koherencji jako determinanta zdrowia. The factor which determines many aspects of human behavior is self-efficacy. The structure of relationships between the sense of self-efficacy, and the styles and strategies of coping, also becomes specifi c according to the gender of the disabled individual who undertakes eff orts to overcome diffi culties resulting from permanent limitations.

Handbook of positive psychology. Common polymorphisms in the P-selection gene in women with recurrent spontaneous. Predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology following bone marrow transplantation for cancer.

Psychological and social factors in adaptation. Springer Publishing Company; There are many reports in literature on the risk of somatic consequences of miscarriage, while extra-somatic complications resulting from exposure to the strong influence of anxiety and stress, such as, for example: Pers Soc Psychol ;8 1: Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract Miscarriage is defined as an adverse and unexpected termination of pregnancy before the completion of 22 nd week of gestation.


Water Resources, 43 1 The influence of active exercise in low positions on the functional condition of the lumbar-sacral segment in patients with discopathy. Recreational activities of bydgoszcz youth at the age of pubescence. Gender differences in coping and social supports: Open Medicine Poland10 1 The efficacy of metabolic therapy in chronic gastritis with secretory deficiency in flight personnel.

J Health Psychol ;12 6: Personality and Individual Differences ; Effect of progesterone on ion-regulating kidney function. Th e role of self-efficacy, perceived social control and perceived health. Controllable amplifier for registering tissue blood flow by the hydrogen clearance method. Quality of life in older people with cancer — a gender perspective. Eur J Cancer ; Ahead Of Print Volume: Current status, problems and future development.

Currently the transaction approach is the most widely considered Lazarus and Folkman.