no mood for political or military adventurism in the region.” Britain was concerned that the. Axis forces would gain a foothold in the region or that the Levant. Hichem Djait is professor emeritus of history at University of Tunis. His work La Grande Discorde: Religion et politique dans l’Islam des origines Djaït,Hichem. It is easy to discover that the best book there is on the subject is by the brilliant Tunisian scholar, Hichem Djait: La Grande Discorde, which.

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Hassan and Hussein were also guarding Uthman at the time. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat By now Hassan only ruled the area around Kufa. The two discordde encamped themselves at Siffin for more than one hundred days, most of the time being spent in negotiations.

First Fitna – Wikipedia

The Qurra therefore felt obliged to defend their position in the new but rapidly changing society. Everyone on both sides took up the cry, eager to avoid killing their fellow Muslims – except for the conspirators. Shahban, In his Islamic History A. Ali’s inability to punish the murderers of Uthman and Muawiyah’s refusal to pledge allegiance eventually led Ali to move his army north to confront Muawiyah.

Grande discorde

Suddenly one of the Syrians, Ibn Lahiya, out of fear of further civil war and unable to bear the spectacle rode forward with a copy of the Quran on the ears of his horse to call for judgement lx the book of Allah, and the other Syrians followed suit. Modern Intellectual Readings of the Kharijites. Encyclopaedia of Islam 2nd ed. The Kharijites then started killing other people. The Camel Siffin Nahrawan.


The Islamic empire expanded at an unprecedented rate, but there was a cost associated with it.

As Uthman ibn Affan became very old, Marwan Ia relative of Muawiyah Islipped into the vacuum and became his secretary, slowly assuming more control and relaxing hihem of these restrictions. When the arbitrators assembled at Dumat al-Jandal, which lay midway between Kufa and Syria and had for that reason been selected as the place for the announcement of the decision, a series of daily meetings were arranged for them to discuss the matters in hand.

Region under the control of Amr ibn al-As.

The Qurra received stipends varying between 2, and 3, dirhams, while the majority of the rest of the troops received only to dirhams. From the Roman Empire to the Early Medieval You have seen what happened in the day which has passed. They also felt that if there were hicjem, they would be arrested for the killing of Uthman. There is no success except by Allah. As the time for announcing the verdict approached, the people belonging to both parties assembled.

The people of Medina asked Ali, who had been chief judge in Medina, to become the Caliph and he accepted. It was decided that the Syrians and the residents of Kufa should nominate an arbitrator, each to decide between ‘Ali and Mu’awiya.

La Grande Discorde (French, Paperback)

Views Read Edit View history. The Muslims are given the right to elect a caliph as they think best. Syracuse University Press The Kharijites were a portion of Ali’s supporters that defected and later opposed both parties. Aisha ‘s forces Muawiya ‘s forces.

When Allah decides a matter, He carries it out whether His servants like it or not. Every time Ali tried to negotiate the Qurra and the Sabait started wars and launched night attacks, fearing that if there was peace, then they will be arrested. Both of us remove ‘Ali as well as Mu’awiya from the caliphate.


Although Ali won the battle, the constant conflict had begun to affect his standing.

Sects started to form, among them the Sabaites named after Abdullah Ibn Saba. Uthman’s death had a polarizing effect in the Muslim world at the time. Part of the Fitnas.

Timani Page about the writings of M. Three years later, and there came the inevitable blowback: The tension between the Ridda tribesmen and the Qurra threatened the Qurra’s newly acquired prestige. Ali pardoned Grabde and her brother escorted her back to Medina. Among them developed a group called the Qurra, which later became known as the Kharijites.

Grande discorde — Wikipédia

In Mesopotamia, many people hated the Syrians. When the time arrived for taking a decision about the caliphate, Amr bin al-A’as convinced Abu Musa al-Ashari that they should deprive both Ali and Mu’awiya of the caliphate, and give to the Muslims the right to elect gfande caliph. The First Fitna Arabic: As a result, on the Eastern front, Ali found it hard to expand the state.

Timani Page 49 [2] Some modern scholars like R. Brunnow held that the Kharijites were Bedouin Arabs or full blooded Arabs.