HIND MAZDOOR SABHA Babar Road New Delhi Delhi India Phone Number: + Email Id – [email protected] Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS), third largest trade-union federation in India after the All-India Trade Union Congress and the Indian National Trade Union. The Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) is a National Trade Union Centre in India. It The Hind Mazdoor Sabha was intended to be a third force in Indian trade.

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The Government also appointed a 30 member Committee in July, under the Chairmanship of the Union Labour Minister to rationalise labour laws and to recommend a new framework for industrial relations.

The joint forum is expecting over 50, workers from various states, sectors and federations to join the protest tomorrow. Trade Unions on their part assured the new government of their full cooperation. The strike involved over workers and lasted for 63 days leading to the acceptance of payment hlnd bonus as deferred wage. All differences were forgotten and Industrial Truce Resolution was agreed upon in an emergency tripartite conference from which AITUC was excluded due to its links with Chinese Communist party.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha News and Updates from The Economic Times

The role of State in India is undergoing major changes. Congress had earlier stated that ONGC has to resort to avail overdraft facility in order to discharge the salary obligation of employees. About delegates attended the Conference from several Indian and International Organisations.

The fact that the government was actively promoting INTUC during this period caused many conflicts in the industrial relations and prevented unity. Trade unions for Rs 5 gind tax-free income,Rs 3, pension 5 Dec, This led to Mr. The Early Years – The history of HMS reflects the politico-socio-economic currents in the country and the reactions of the different union leaders and constituent unions to these developments.


HMS submitted its views in detail. The Convention resolved to intensify the campaign and also pressurise the government to take action on controlling prices, take action against the black marketeers most of whom had much political patronagecorrect the Consumer Price Index Numbers series, and ensure proper inflation compensation to the workers.

Despite relations between Modi and the Mohan Bhagwat-led RSS being healthier than ever before, there are instances when government has faced tough situations.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha

During this struggle, aabha were many unions which wanted the two groups to stop this divisive actions and wanted a national convention to be held to democratically elect new leaders. Victimisation of railway workers during the strike was quite ruthless- were dismissed, were suspended, were arrested and out of over 12 lakhs who participated in strike, employees suffered from break in service.

Industrial Relations in Indian Industry. The time has come to sift from experience and draw from it the lessons for the future. This gave very clear indications that the Government was not interested in any negotiations, even when the all India Railway strike began on 8th May.


Many others were physically injured and mentally tortured before the union accomplished a settlement. But the tussle between the two groups continued which led to successive meetings and conferences being called by the two groups and Court cases to take control of the organisation.


Gulzari Lal Nanda agreed to set up a Commission and Sh. Thank You for Your Contribution! Haryana CM stirs controversy 2 Jun, On 27th June, a meeting was organised by the union to celebrate the settlement. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: This resolution was then forwarded to the Government of India.

The strike was led by All India Railwaymens Federation, along with other railway unions all of which had been united for this struggle. During the s, HMS faced a number of struggles and carried out many nationwide campaigns.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha | trade-union federation |

mazdoor Six workers died in Madras due to police firing. Mazdpor Martin union raises concern over irregular payment of salaries at Ranchi plant The union has also urged the government that company should be acquired by the Tata Steel so that the future of the employees is secure.

The major issues that continued to occupy the centre stage in the s were – struggle against inflation and protection of purchasing powers, Bonus for workers, unemployment and Right to Hlnd, organising the unorganised workers, trade union rights of association and collective bargaining, new Industrial relations law, struggle for meaningful tripartitism and protection and revival of public sector undertakings. The workers and the unions accepted obligations to maintain industrial peace and even contributed part of their salaries towards meeting defence related expenditures.

Pre Budget Consultations with Finance Minister.