Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey K. Pullum, A STUDENT’S INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH GRAMMAR (Cambridge University Press, ). It contains exercises, and will provide a basis for introductions to grammar and courses on the structure of English not Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum . The Cambridge grammar of the English language /. Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn 0

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The syntax is not what it seems; “one in a million men” is not the subject of a sentence which continues “change the way you feel”. It is not confused, it is superbly elliptical, even aeronautic.

The lavender of the subjunctive

The grammatical uncertainty of juncture was apt to his forlornness and to his hopes as he wondered what would come next, how the future might grammsr might not be joined to the past.

After all, there are many things which are certainly “established” but only arguably “well established” – the Church of England, for example.

Leech No preview available – They explain convincingly why “my partner and me” would be no more grammatical; there is no better reason to require English pronouns always to comply gramar Latin inflection for the accusative case than there is regularly to huddlestoon English verse according to Graeco-Roman templates such as the “iambic pentameter” which have been misleading our ears since the 19th century. To those who have interests in language other than those of the linguist, “synchronic study” can at times seem like a polite name for parochialism.

Cambridge University PressFeb 17, – Education – pages.

Huddleston and Pullum: Exercises

Prepositions and preposition phrases. Readers need respect for, a capacity to delight in, usages other than their own; such respect and delight are not encouraged by the tendency of grammarians to oullum “usage” as if it were hiddleston noun which occurred only in the singular, nor by their habit of dismissing how the language used to be with their equivalent of the characters’ constant refrain in EastEnders: Account Options Sign in.


The analyses defended there are outlined here more briefly, in an engagingly accessible and informal style. Clause type asking exclaiming and directing. For descriptive grammarians, “grammaticality” is distinct from “correctness” because, from the standpoint of quasi-anthropological neutrality proper to their task, in language whatever is accepted is acceptable.

So the Cambridge Grammar’s editors note that sentences like “They pullun my partner and I to lunch” are “regularly used by a significant proportion of speakers of Standard English The descriptive grammarian in quest of systematic clarity will correctly observe that “historically the gerund and present participle of traditional grammar have different sources, but in Modern English the forms are identical.

Hurdleston Cambridge Grammar of the English Language.

The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language

This is another of those well-known prescriptive rules that are massively at variance with actual usage. In most cases T o is contained in T sit 5 I live in Jena. Language too is an affair huddlesto, from one point of view, is always just in the flush and tremor of beginning while, from an other, quite as sharp-eyed a point of view, it continues to run down foreseeable grooves formed by accumulated habit. Morphology words and lexemes.

Topics Reference and languages books. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The faint but persistent lavender of the subjunctive about his “preserve” gives him reason for a moment to regard himself as superseded or at least on his way into the shade, as if, talking to an elderly relative, he began to feel his own self aged too.


Secondary tense distinguishes perfect from non-perfect forms, the former being marked with the auxiliary have. Literature Huddleston, Rodney D. Yet even the members of this excellent Cambridge team sometimes fail to confine themselves within the narrow bounds of testimony. The traditional usage is actual in his lines every time somebody reads them with understanding; it was still going strong huddlwston Dick Powell, in a Busby Berkeley musical, sang the magnificent compliment “I grammar have eyes for you”.

The Cambridge Grammar spends 20 extremely well-observed pages on “number and countability” in current English, and would dismiss the claim that “one” should take a verb in the singular; “one” with a plural verb is not looseness but “usage”.

As a punishment for my sins in a previous life, I recently had to mark 64 examination scripts in which third-year undergraduates reading English at Cambridge offered their comments on the opening of Dickens’s Bleak House: The perfect Parameters of analysis: The tense of that writing, like the tense of that last sentence “will have been”is best described with an old term: Verbs tense aspect and mood.

Tense is regarded as a relationship between the time referred to and the time of orientation. Huddleston and Pullum Advice about style amounts to no more than “aesthetic authoritarianism” or “taste tyranny”, “a universalizing of one person’s taste, a demand that everyone should agree with it and conform to it”. Subordination and content clauses.