Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – From New York Times bestselling author and queen of romance Julie Garwood comes this classic novel of a medieval lady. Gentle Warrior was Julie Garwood’s first published romance from way back in , and although I mostly enjoyed it, I would have to say that it showed some of . In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she.

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It’s sweet – and at times quite funny – to watch their relationship develop: And the side charact This is probably one of her newer books.

Gentle Warrior

And the side characters- which she usually excels in- are not very well done. View all 4 comments. I really love all of Garwood’s historicals and while this is not a favorite read, it was still good!

More reviews at www. Geoffrey is, like every hero in Garwood’s books, arrogant, dominant, controlling and gets annoyed or angry whenever his wife disagrees with him. Maybe if I hadn’t read her other books, I’d have found Geoffrey’s yelling and shaking acceptable. Anyways, it was an overall average read.

Good lord is the writing shocking. She witnessed her entire family, with the exception of her little brother, be massacred by greedy garwooc who wanted her father’s land, and is now hell-bent on seeking vengeance against them.


Content, husband and wife slept. Still, compared to other writers, it’s a jewel in the rough.

Just looking at what’s available on Google Books Overall, he was generally a good hero though, and the other cast of characters was abs Another great Garwood romance with a fantastic cast of characters, though hero was a little too much at times Setting: The Hope Chest Reviews on Facebook.

I saw it coming, based on the buildup, but Juliee thought “surely not”. Believing that her greedy uncle is responsible for the murders and will likely try to gain guardianship of Thomas and kill him too, she has been hiding out in the forest.

Like I said, unrealistic. Then when these two finally set warripr their differences, BAM Belwain appears again, causing drama at court.

Now I can’t read her one after another but spaced apart they are certainly an easy, enjoyable, quick read. Maybe if I hadn’t read the strong heroines she wrote, I’d have found Elizabeth’s crying and surrendering sweet. Yet both of these girls did. The pair “battle” their way to discovering their love for one another while gent,e to defeat those who would do them harm.

October Group Read: What’s the Name o That got very old by the time he saw the light, a mere 40 genntle before the book ended. And that the letter was only two pages. However, the book is written julje a style in which the points-of-view POV sometimes slip back and forth between various characters every few paragraphs within the same scene rather than there being longer passages in one person’s POV and then having a scene break before switching to another character.


Gentle Warrior – Book Review – The Hope Chest Reviews

I love the strength of the heroines in Garwood’s romances and I loved the heroes cluelessness of her strength! She dabbles a bit in the style of the time. They are all the same beat of plots, climaxes, heros, heroines and villains.

For me, she has perfected the exact combination of love, romance and passion that keeps me riveted. It does have an overuse of the description “contradiction” that she still tends to bestow on her heroes gxrwood heroines. His Wife is a very strong gengle lady who carries a dagerin her hand and one concealed beneathher skirts. There are more than thirty-six million copies of her books in print. To view it, click here.

But not this one.