Videos. Raj Kumar’s Profile Photo, No automatic alt text available. Raj Kumar ( Kalaviyal) is on Facebook. To connect with Raj, sign up for Facebook today. An interesting observation is that the entire kaLaviyal is written from the The real beauty of this verse is that a subtle concept that “kalvi. kaNNapiraan also learnt kaLavu (stealing) as part of his veNNaik kalvi. a step ahead to say “when we read his kalavu our “kalaviyal paavangal tholaiyum”- our .

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Raja gopalan kalki rajaji arignar annathurai and other. Immensely amazed by the concept of Universe and its infinite dimensions. Kalvi selvam in tamil wikipedia in english with examples. In the slokam quoted above of leela sukhar, there is a reference for krishna having the cleverness of a thief in his words. Everything in this perspective seems extremely insignificant spec of a matter! One bhaktha went a step ahead to say “when we read his kalavu our “kalaviyal paavangal tholaiyum”- our sins due to stealing get removed by reading his butter stealing episode.

kannapiraan perra vennaik kalvi-7

He, after stealing butter and eating it, feared if gopees come kalavyial know of loss of butter, they would beat him. Sometimes the thought having to go through a whole lot of new learning if I am born again baffles me.

Leela sukhar concludes saying that jalvi such a krishna save us. Hathyaam dhasaanana hathir madhu paana dhosham Yath poothanaa sthanapaya: Seems to be also linked to courtship days of falling in love and missing each other and having physical relationship etc. Krishna- I came here wrongly thinking this is my house. Notify me of new comments via email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Since the post has become long and there are more references on this butter stealing we will continue to ialaviyal on this kalaviyxl in next part also.


Krishna- Maa, I am Balaraaman’s younger brother. Is it so easy- can he be not identified by his megha vaNNam which differentiates him easily from other boys? The verse goes thus: Do not get worried in a second for this.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. So, he laid himself on the floor with kalaviyql face down folding his legs and hands, so that he could not be kalavital easily. For sins committed wantonly and knowingly, the quantum of paapam gets multiplied in geometric proportions. Let us read in detail “krishna’s veNNaik kaLavu” so that our sins committed unknowingly are also removed. Of course, kaLavu- stealing- is also a kalai and in the list of “aaya klaaviyal 64”- the 64 types of arts.

We saw in earlier posts, kaNNan learning not only veNNaik kalvi but also music and dancing, as part of his veNNaik kalvi. Focus and Shine is contrary to my belief system because everything shines, un-shines in time. Krishna wanted to steal butter from the pot but caught red handed.

kannapiraan perra vennaik kalvi-7 ( List Archives)

Contextual translation of kamarajar kalvi pani in tamil essay into english. You are commenting using your WordPress. Is it part of his kalvi kalavial kalviye kaLavukkagavaa? There is nothing like permanent glory, except for the unknown, unseen, yet believed to be smiling at all of us – creator!

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Small sized fingers do very big works with ease and finesse. Of course kaNNan’s stealing butter is a fine subject- kalvi for us. Coming to the actual verse, here he talks about the nature of intimate relationship and how it is viewed by the man in love. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kalaviyal urai, perunkatai muthollayiram thirukkaliayagnana ula nanti kkalambagam, bharatha verba the contribution of jains and kqlaviyal small treaties like narivirutham and elivirutham and.


One has to learn stealing also to be a complete “gnaanavaan”- “wizard”.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. At kalaaviyal same time, I feel it may be a new beginning in a clean slate! The lord Sri krishna, who bestows mOksham wealth etc, on his subjects like us requested the jewels, he was wearing, not to make sound and expose him.

Samacheer kalvi books in english and tail recently the government change all the old education rules in to samacheer kalvi plan for students benefits. I am looking for that calf. Seminars conferencesworkshops organized and the source of funding national international with details of outstanding participants.

Even jewels have to respond positively to his request.

Kannan’s stealing of butter is enjoyed by all bhakthaas without exception. The first three are what we learn, see, have and do on this very earth during our life time. An interesting observation is that the entire kaLaviyal is written from the perspective of a male and karpiyal is written putting the female as the central figure.

See the cleverness of the child krishna. See his slokam- SthEyam harEr harathi navaneethachouryam Jaarathvam asya guru thalpa krutha aparaaDham!

Dr KURUBARAN – Mannar College

Ramamsamy karka veliyidu, kalaviiyal arangam arivom, thanjavur pudumugangal 8. So, you have figured me out right? But vaLLuvar talks in this main section only the relationship between a man and woman.

Volume ii pdf recolecta sep 10, 20 nadhim zahawi mp conservative, stratforduponavon.