Restructuring the body in a natural way, Kaya Kalpa helps cure and prevent Kayakalpa Yoga is an ancient wonderful technique of the Siddhas(saints) of. Kayakalpa is a healing and cleansing tradition related to the practice of yoga in much the same way acupuncture and massage are related to. Kaya Kalpa Yoga (KKY) had remained a well-kept secret amongst the Rishis of ancient times. Anyone above 15 years of age can learn Kaya Kalpa Yoga.

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What is Kaya Kalpa Yoga? Performing kayakalpa does not involve the same progression of challenging physical postures as other forms. Life energy in sufficient quantity is required to practice Kundalini Yoga. Why do we age? For centuries, scientists and philosophers have been searching for answers for three questions.

Contact your nearest yogx to learn the SKY system today. The Three fold objectives of Yog a. Kaya Kalpa Yoga strengthens your life force and helps purify the vital fluid and maintain the genetic center.

Kaya Kalpa Yoga works on two simple practices: Ancient Yogic Sidha System. Through a simple breathing technique, we can transmute sexual energy into spiritual energy. Kaya Kalpa Practice improves character and personality. He has been personally trained and certified by our Divine Father Yogiraj Sri. Postponing death until one reaches spiritual perfection. Kayakalpa yoga helps in toning nerves and strengthening the central nervous system as a whole.


On top of SKY practices, he evolved kaykalpa simplified Kaya Kala practice to tune the body to improve its immunity and attain immortal characteristics.

Fire breath helps with relaxation, fosters cleansing through completely emptying the lungs with each exhalation and develops awareness of the diaphragm while breathing. Supposing you are shown an enlightened path step by step, how would you feel? This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations.

When being worked on with massage or herbal kayakalpz, a relaxed posture is usually recommended. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. Alternating nostrils with each breath, this practice can lead to feelings of light-headedness or dizziness in beginning students.

Kayakalpa Yoga

In a nutshell, the principle of kayakalpa ensures physical fitness and spiritual satisfaction of the practitioner. Vethathiri Maharishi and his world community service center. Sexual potency is enhanced. Duration of Kaya Kalpa Yoga. Kayakalpa breathing practices focus as much on the structure and intent of breathing as hatha yoga postures focus on the structure and intent of motion.

Shape Created with Sketch. The yoga practice activates crown charka, which is positioned in the centre of the forehead to affect energy flow. Rather, kayakalpa consists of breathing exercises and other techniques intended to focus the flow of energy to improve health. How does Kaya Kalpa Yoga work?


Kayakalpa Yoga Poses | SportsRec

The contribution you will pay will be a small amount compared to our online course. Master Krish Murali Eswar and kahakalpa would like to state that all fees collected from the course are used for propagating the divine works of Yogiraj Sri.

The practice of kayakalpa helps to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy. How ygoa we improve immunity? You can find out more about him by visiting his website: To perform bastika, the practitioner breathes in through the nose, then breathes forcefully out through one nostril while holding the other closed.

SKY training centers are available throughout the world. Subscribe Our Newsletter Creativity happenes everywhere. Kaya Kalpa Yoga offers insights in the answers for these three questions in a systematic manner.

The age limit is above 14 years old. Kaya Kalpa Yoga provides logical answers for three important questions that trouble most human beings: The practice of kayakalpa includes receiving massage and herbal treatments much like going to a traditional doctor.