Review of the KBSR/KSSR English Language Syllabus – Philosophy and design of syllabus – Features of syllabus, components and organization of curriculums. KBSR HSP Year 6 by gelamkhovan in Types > Government & Politics. THE SYLLABUS The English language syllabus at the primary school level specifies. KBSR ENGLISH Educational Emphases SYLLABUS. STANDARD The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools aims to equip pupils with.

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A good way to make provisions for these factors is to build in variety as an active ingredient during class activities. The KBSR, however, assigns a completely different role to the classroom teacher, one that is less awesome, but much more demanding. If nobody is able to get the right answer, the group that has thought of the animal gets five marks. Given below is a list of suggested activities: However, it appears that that this source of teaching engkish will soon be made inaccessible to them because the Education Ministry has issued a directive that bans the use of workbooks in the KBSR classroom.

Ensure that the list is sufficiently comprehensive to enable various types of categorization. The idea can also be illustrated by using skill She must be able to diagnose the syl,abus learning needs of the students and cater to these.

For example, in order to acquire skill 5. Comprehensive, in-service training should be provided for teachers, with special focus on the creation of activities for the KBSR.

She is expected to facilitate the effective education of the child, i. However, what should be noted is that, in both phases, there is an implicit demand for the creation of opportunities for individual expression for example, through music, art and writingthe facilitation of understanding, and the employment of a variety of means to obtain knowledge. The above recommendation emglish aimed at diminishing this problem. However if another group guesses correctly, they get two marks.

One major complaint of teachers is that some colleagues do snglish contribute to the preparation of teaching aids; another problem appears to be that teachers are not willing to share their knowledge, expertise and products vis-a-vis teaching aids.


WHAT IS KBSR? by Nuradila Waheeda Rosly on Prezi

The ones who answer should give the evidence clues that helped them to decide upon the answer. They could channel some of the administrative duties to clerical staff, and appoint separate teachers for co-curricular activities.

Ask students to come up with a list of categories in topics or areas other than “Food”. Feedback is obtained, and assessed, by other means, for example, oral replies, group presentation aims bksr class discussion. This event will be held at University of Nottingham Malaysia from 8.

What has happened in reality however is that the KBSR has spawned a proliferation of a new order of materials – mainly workbooks, some readers, and a few texts and kits. Some of the above recommendations may be difficult to implement, but if the KBSR is to succeed, they have to be given serious attention as the system is heavily dependent on the role of the teacher. The former emphasizes the basic communication skills, that is, reading, writing and arithmetic.

Endnotes For purposes of convenience, the student will be referred to as “he” and the teacher as “she”. She should, however, not forget his extremely short attention span. Paired or group activity is one of the best means of exploiting both the approaches mentioned above.

Also, it leads to more effective learning because it is conducive to the inclusion of variety in language teaching. In order to carry out the above activities, students will have to use listening, speaking and writing skills. The example of activities for section 3. The game consists of 3 rounds. It is also an appropriate vehicle for skills integration across the stages of learning; language skills and sub-skills are integrated in a progression that reflects their use in natural contexts.

Activities in the KBSR classroom should thus be based on the realia, or genuine situations that would exist in the life of the learner.

However, the teacher should plan the activity with extreme care, and provide the right level of guidance when and where necessary. The class can be divided into groups of four or five.

There is no denying that the role of the KBSR teacher has become extremely challenging, especially in view of the fact that her change of role has received no bureaucratic recognition.


Then, she asked the group to combine the sentences into a short story, which the group leader would read aloud to the class. Explain that the skill of categorization can be extended to other topics, and to many areas of study. The KBSR teacher has to be specially trained to handle the new role assigned to her, but due to the shortage of teachers in the country, she cannot be spared to attend comprehensive in-service training courses.

Once students have grasped the idea, they should be allowed to formulate their own clues. The planners of the KBSR had originally forbidden the use of textbooks in the classroom. At this point, it is important to note that the limitations under which she has been working are still very much in force. These skills can be approached in the following manner.

It is important that the learner realizes the relevance of what he is learning; whatever he has learnt should play a meaningful role in his life, and help him attain the goals that he has set for himself. For example, if the final goal, or terminal skill is “to group words according to categories” KBSR Explain that food can be grouped categorized in many ways.

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This is mainly because of an impractical teacher-pupil ratio 1: The task lends itself easily to structured learning, or learning sjllabus stages, as the output of one task actually becomes the input for another.

Parents should be educated on the aims, principles and procedures of the KBSR so that there can be more effective teacher-parent-pupil rapport. The students would have to ask each other questions about personal details Wh- questions such engljsh “When is your birthday?

The KBSR system forbids the practice of “streaming” or “setting’ students into classes, as it believes that no child should be made to feel inferior or superior to his peers.