KORG AXG • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. [Read Online] Korg Toneworks Axg User Manual Free Ebooks. Book file. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. KORG TONEWORKS AXG USER MANUAL — | PDF | KB | 20 Oct, TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Brief Description Main.

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Page 17 CABINET effect blockThe shape of the cabinet and the type and as1000g of speakersare very important elements in determining the tonal characterof a guitar amp. Selecting a program 8.

Main features 3 Printing conventions in this manual 3 Important things to learn 4 Front and rear panel 4 The modes of the AXG 7 2.

Main specifications Table Of Contents Main features 3 Printing conventions in this manual 3 Important things to learn 4 Front and rear panel 4 The modes of the AXG 7 2.

Operate the expression pedal while playing yourguitar. Play mode, Individual mode, and Phrase Trainer mode. Editing If you wish to change an effect that is in use, use the effect select knobs to select the desired effect.


Don’t have an account? Page 19 Pitch shifter This effect modifies the pitch. To re-adjust the tempo or level, you must first stop the metronome, and then start it once again. Phrase Trainer Mode The phrase will be recorded and played back monaurally.

LCD and control panel 1. Appendices Restoring the user programs to the factory settings Reload Adjusting the expression pedal 1.


Setting tonewoks noise reduction andprogram levels1. Stop When you press program switch 2playback In this mode, you can record Introduction Important things to learn Front and rear panel Front panel 1 Effect select knobs These knobs select Ambience Effect Block 4.

Preset Program Parameter List When an effect block that was off is turned on, the effect model printed in a Expression pedal 9. Knob 1 ——— ———— Bypass and muteBypassIf you press and hold the program switch of thecurrently selected program for 0.

Use the cursor switchestoselect the character that you wish to change thecharacter will blink. Page 2 PrecautionsLocationUsing the unit in the following locations can result in a malfunction.


KORG AX1000G User Manual – Download

In Play mode, select a program that uses the expression pedal. Make fine adjustments to the amount ofKnob 5 MIXpitch change. Unintentional operation may damage your speakersystem, or cause malfunctions. There are no adjustable parameters. T klrg Modulation Effect Block 4.

Page 21 Pitch bend This is a Pitch shifter that uses the pedal to control the pitch. PEDAL effect block When the AXG is bypassed or muted, it will not be possible to adjust the tempo or level. Setting the noise reduction and.

Pitch shifterThis effect modifies the pitch. It will blink if the program is currently being edited.

Main features 3. Example connections 8. EditingModifying a parameter valueSelecting a parameterIn Play mode and Individual mode, you can edit eacheffect, set noise reduction and program level, andmodify the program name.