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He knows how politicians and academics and policemen and peasants talk and what they mean when they talk, which is often the opposite of what they say. It’s death, who is surprised at the audacity of a mediocre unremarkable middle-aged musician who refuses to die. The Catholic Church feels threatened by this new turn of events, as the end of death would call into question one of the fundamental foundations of their dogma: His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story.

Return to Book Page. View all 9 comments. Jason I’ve heard good things about Saramago. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.

The common citizens, however, generally enjoy their newfound immortality. Saramago begins Death at Intervals with very broad strokes. Where there are nonsensical contradictions, he is the first to point them out and laugh along with you. Open Preview See a Problem? The complete cessation of dying leads to a growing fear among healthcare workers that the system will collapse under its own weight: Slowly the country finds itself disoriented for what to do, immersed in a new confusion.


We still have solid blocks of text and meandering ramblings and endless strangely punctuated sentences, but the slow shift in the mood and the feeling subtly creeps up making you look up from the book and wonder – am I still reading the same story?

View all 19 comments. And he is always amazing us: Though the traditional sources for guidance on things like life and death endeavor to discover why people have stopped dying, religious authorities, philosophers integmitencias scholars librp can find no answers. However, I must say, death yes, without capital d is a fantastic character.

Europe dances while an invidious dictator establishes himself in Portugal. My wife is fluent in Portuguese so she’s going to intermitenciae Blindness in its native language while I read an English translation on my Kindle. View all 4 intdrmitencias.

Feb 03, Nahed. In the second section of the novel, Saramago zooms in and shows this event on a small scale; his major focus is on death herself and how she relates to the world.

This is an exercise in conjecture, not realism. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Death is a woman, a beautiful woman, who takes interest upon a lone mortal who evades her scythe. And why can’t I stop myself from sighing and quietly saying, “Aww View all 7 comments.

Very entertaining but try as I might I am just not a fan of Saramago’s style. Perhaps it will leave an aftertaste?

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Free with day Trial. Love towards the life humans live, and… is she falling in love with someone? E’ buio pesto in questo mondo cattivo ma Saramago trova una porticina ed un piccolo spiraglio di luce s’intravede.


What makes this work is that he does not expect you to suspend disbelief. For example, religion is one of them. The book can be separated into two parts, the first part is a study of conceptual death or more accurately the loss thereof, and how it would affect the lives of the mortal beings suddenly deemed immortal.

Jose Saramago

The characters themselves guide his writing, and they are allowed to roam unbounded within his imagination. The first part of the novel is more or less Saramago’s imagination exploring all sides of his idea. Immortality is not eternal youth, and ultimately what we have is hundreds and thousands of people suspended on the edge of dying, in the in-between state, neither dead nor alive, caught on the borderline. I cherished Death with Interruptions from the first page.

Saramago knows what most of us know but don’t know how untermitencias say. This myerte is short-lived — it soon becomes apparent that the end of death presents unique demographic and financial challenges. A book about a place where suddenly nobody dies anymore [s]. It’s all delivered in the voice that is both dry and witty, detached yet flourishing, both mocking and serious. Listening to this book I hope is going to give the nugget of genius story-telling that I love Saramago for.

But death has more plans.