Loi n° 15/ du 1eraoût portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme . des listes électorales dans les conditions prévues par la Loi électorale. PACEC: Projet d’appui au processus électoral en RDC .. o La loi n°15/ du 12 février , valant loi électorale, modifiant et. 28 juil. Conformément à l’article de la loi électorale en vigueur en , la caution était payée par liste et non par siège au montant de FC.

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Nevertheless, the non-realization of parity between men and women and the non-presence of those living with a handicap shall not be a motive for the inadmissibility of a list.

Élections en RDC : l’opposition réclame l’invalidation des candidatures du pouvoir

Outside powers should keep pressing Kabila to stand down and allow opposition candidates to participate. For a recent example in Chad, cf.

In doing so it demonstrated that the executive could not simply trump its interests. Deputies will convene for an extraordinary session in July and the senators will meet in August to finalise the annexes to the electoral law, which include determining electoral districts.

That could change if they rally around Bemba.

Présidence de la République Démocratique du Congo | Portail officiel

Why does it matter? Hide Footnote Kinshasa is currently a bastion of the opposition, but this new division would have created several districts eledtorale the capital favouring the ruling party or its allies. International actors, particularly the African leaders whose pressure has been instrumental in moving electoral preparations forward thus far, should continue their push for Kabila rfc stand aside, for the government to allow opposition politicians to stand and for a credible vote.

Bemba also has a strong national stature and is as well placed as Katumbi to attract allies and position himself at the centre of a countrywide coalition.

A return to custody appears unlikely, and even were that to happen and Bemba to serve the maximum sentence, he would be out in time to participate in the electoral campaign, which starts 22 November Hide Footnote rumours that the proposed electoral law would seek to exclude certain candidates on the basis of their age, residency or tax returns were persistent.


But even if Kabila stands down and opposition candidates contest the vote, serious risks would remain, particularly given that such a vote would open up real competition. It remains unclear whether Katumbi will be able to run, as he is facing numerous legal challenges, including claims that he has forfeited his Congolese citizenship.

Annexes to the electoral law defining district boundaries and the allocation of seats to districts must be adopted by Parliament before candidate registration starts.

They fear that people from the west could take revenge on the Swahili speakers from the east, associated with the Kabila regime since As influential opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi and his party, electorael Union for Democracy and Social Progress UPDSboycotted the elections, Bemba was the uncontested candidate of the west as Kabila dominated in the east. He has a functioning but divided party and lacks the resources to wage a nationwide campaign.

The text presented by Tunda Yakasendwe, national deputy for the PPRD, offered significant modifications to the Congolese electoral system, starting with the electoralr system. Hide Footnote Here again lawmakers reaffirmed their authority as a check on executive power.

Enrôlement des Congolais de l’étranger : Corneille Nangaa attendu à l’Assemblée nationale

Parliament took three months of debate to reject most of the amendments proposed slectorale the ruling party PPRD. Coalition building is important for parliamentary and provincial elections as parties will have to meet the respective electoral thresholds they need 1 per cent of votes nationwide to qualify for parliamentary seats and 3 per cent of provincial votes for provincial council seats.

Hide Footnote However, as yet these courts have not been created. From his cell rec The Hague, Bemba kept tight control over the party but there is little doubt it would have suffered further losses in the forthcoming e,ectorale without his release. His likely re-entry into Congolese politics will shake up the campaign ahead of elections slated for December The Next High-risk Area? Paradoxically, changing the electoral law has been more difficult than changing the constitution.

The court thus called a status conference electoralle his case on 12 June, and provisionally released him until his final sentence is decided on 4 July The text adopted by both houses on 15 June rejected several proposed changes, preserved others, but on the whole returned to the system used for the electoralee.


Hide Footnote If the president does find a way to run, then opposition politicians would likely boycott the vote. He remained politically active in detention, as far as the conditions of his custody would allow, and it seems very likely that he will seek a political comeback.

The proposed bill put forward by the government included other innovations which, while not as fundamental as the amendment to lower house elections, were no less strategic.

Will any opposition leader stand aside to avoid a split opposition vote and, if so, which leaders? Despite his acquittal, Bemba was not immediately freed because he is still awaiting final sentence in the separate case in which he was found guilty of influencing witnesses in relation to the electorle case. In the wake of constitutional changes widely perceived to benefit President Kabila, [fn] On 15 JanuaryPresident Joseph Kabila put several controversial constitutional reforms to the vote during a joint session of with both houses of 215, in order to change the presidential elections from two rounds to a single round.

Hide Footnote was only included as a desired condition, rather than a legal requirement for electoral lists, as requested by some parties.

Support and Advice —

The modifications intended by the ruling party this time sought to shift rules for the election of deputies, which in many cases may have affected their re-election. On electorake Julya memorandum by the opposition party UDPS complaining of voter registration irregularities gave rise to the first clash between police and protesters in Kinshasa.

This would increase prospects of an opposition vote splintered among different major candidates, each largely relying of votes from their respective regional strongholds. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Parliamentary Resistance The ruling party expected the legislature to take only a few days to rubber stamp its changes, but instead parliamentarians spent three months over the bill, during which they amended it extensively.