The Seekers has ratings and 40 reviews. Holly said: The first two books in Daniel Boorstin’s Knowledge Trilogy, The Discoverers (about science) and T. The Seekers, by Daniel Boorstin. Daniel J. Boorstin. Daniel Boorstin () , pictured here, was a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, a professor at the. CHAPTER ONE. The Seekers The Story of Man’s Continuing Quest to Understand His World. By DANIEL J. BOORSTIN Random House. Read the Review.

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I did not come away with deeper insights into the human tendency to seek: Therefore the problem is clearly with either Amazon quality control over what gets the “Kindle” name, or with communication with whoever does these book conversions for them.

They have been punished enough for their sins. Greek society was the first to celebrate the thinker, the rationalist and this questioning attitude became a hallmark of Western Civilization. The concluding part of Daniel Boorstin’s great historical trilogy and this volume focuses on the philosophers and religious icons of history. He was the director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and for twelve years served as the Librarian of Congress. May 27, Scott rated it really liked it.

Ad Infinitum Books Condition: NO part of the human experience on this planet is omitted, however little may be known of the facts. Amazingly, despite repeated complaints over a period of four months to Amazon they say they are contacting the publisher, Random Housethe problem has not been corrected in the Kindle “edition” that Amazon continues to sell.


The Seekers by Daniel J. Boorstin | : Books

Quotes from The Seekers: The Seekers is a boorstij readable journey through Western thought. If you picked just one author to get your World History from, you could do much worse than reading Daniel Boorstin. The Book Nook Published: Granted, Aeekers a very interesting writer, so half as interesting in a Boo The first two books in Daniel Boorstin’s Knowledge Trilogy, The Discoverers about science and The Creators about artare both outstanding examples of comprehensive history done well.

I got about 30 pages into this book, but put it down. Oct 26, Pages.

According to Xenophon, Socrates called people fools for studying the mechanics of nature — the wind, rain, physics. He preached in a time of prosperity, aeekers the wealthy lived in luxury and the poor were oppressed and overtaxed.

One such escapee he describes as Soren Kierkegaard, a man possessed by dogma as a matter of choice.

Seekers grew disenchanted with scientific history and materialism. Christianity makes us pilgrims and not connected to the world. Granted, Boorstin’s a very interesting writer, so half as interesting in a Boorstin book is still more than interesting than most. Jul 08, Sean rated it liked it. This is a thorough survey of men throughout history who have applied themselves to figuring out the meaning of life and the world.


Not until the seventeenth century did the philosopher Leibniz give a name to this troublesome problem.

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So what are “the Seekers” seeking? We hear how He punishes some nations and rewards others. He simply discussed some of the the great philosophers of our time. His ecstasy was commonly a group phenomenon, sometimes expressed in song.

Why is Job not punished for questioning God’s ways? There were interesting tidbits thrown in from time to time, but it was a very slow read. When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, don’t follow the disgusting practices of the nations that are there.

Daniel Boorstin

It is the story or stories of those within Western culture who have sought answers – many times without boirstin them. Still Job does not curse God, but he does curse the day he was born. Job’s cattle are stolen, his sheep are struck by lightning. He appeals not to revelation but to experience.

First Edition; First Printing.