As long as you don’t make it freely available online to everyone (some of the PDFs get watermarked with the name of the buyer, so they can. In that case I’d give it a pass. Has anyone made any experiences with this? If the DriveThruRPG watermark shows on the prints, are there other. When I first started buying books on RPGNow, there were no watermarks. Suddenly, within the past few years, every book suddenly has.

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However, because it is digital you are making a copy and not passing one copy around. I need to remove some stupid email watermark that expands across all pages of a public domain book. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I looked at pdftk man page and some examples but still can not figure out how to remove the watermarks.

The book is so absurdly priced that it’s not affordable, and even the PDF version is 30 freakin’ dollars. Seriously, glad to hear it. Sharing an account would likely be outside their terms of service anyway, so even that method isn’t following the rules. The Hardcover book is 65 dollars, and if you buy it they can generously let you buy a copy of the PDF for only a small supplement of 22 additional dollars.

Ragnarok, and we’ve found that character creation when a PC dies requires the GM to either meet with the players between games which is impractical for us, since we’re all pretty busy or answer tons of questions about archetypes and abilities through Facebook messages, which is also time consuming and difficult.

This company’s wealth is in large part drawn from the public domain. If you feel I’m splitting hairs, well, fair enough.

I definitely don’t want to violate any copyright laws. Unless they share the account among friends because they want to avoid buying a 30 dollar PDF per person.


These days, it seems to be the other way around. Unfortunately, I’m talking about the Fate of the Norns: Join Date Jan Posts 2, Resources Find the right game for you!

OGL and Creative Commons is a beautiful example of the original intentions of Copy Right law, to achieve a rich public domain where everyone can add to a media. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. As for the downloads, like I said, that was the last time I recall paying attention, which was some years ago.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Seriously, what the actual fuck. Someone starting out making a machine wouldn’t have the facilities to do so and so a big bisuness could swoop in, copy it and out put an exact replica without any development cost in a more efficient cost per item for each piece than the small developer.

The character creation process could be done before games, if only on days where we aren’t particularly pressed for time, but my players are very picky about which powers they’re getting for their characters and enjoy researching it at home when possible. Hense copyright law comes in and makes sense because it’s for monitary gain.

You can wstermark all the copies you want ignoring the reverse engineering provisions of the DMCAyou just can’t transfer a copy unless you transfer all copies. Alternatively, there might be legal workarounds. All you do is make the people who are actually giving you money angry, and teaching them to download the book first and share it on gdrive or something.

Hell has frozen hruRPG selling non-DRM books – Page 4

If there is and it forbids the kind of use you’re describing, then you have to choose to either be legit, or ignore the rules and handle the consequences if they arise. For those interested in a more in depth view of how this tech works, I found this: Yeah, I drivethrjrpg “Whaaaat? Dingo 1 7 If we bought a copy of the book in this fashion, could each member of the group access the book from their computers, or does DRM limit how many devices you can view it on?


I wish I had been drinking something at the time; a spit take would have been most appropriate. So even if they encode xyx information in the watermark, someone could and probably would crack it eventually. Actually more of creating a profit incentive to spur on innovation.


This is really awesome! I answered as factually as I could in a way that would be useful to OP.

Print books aren’t the same as electronic books because only one person has it. How to remove watermark from pdf using pdftk?

I don’t want the guy how spoiled the book be targeted by spammers. And when it costs the company no money to have something duplicated, and it isnt for monetary gain, does it still fall under the original intention of copyright recooping costs?

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the U. Dingo how do batch process it? Arbitrarily grubbing for money forever is fine because the people who make the laws say it is rolls waermark. Disney wwatermark a great example of why we need things to go into the public domain. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Yeah, that’s our main problem with the PDF. Only the main account user bought the item; it’d be insanely abusive if, for example, everyone on a FotN: A question about DrivethruRPG self.

I recall the idea as well, but haven’t seen mention of it in quite a while IIRC, it was a 5 time dl thing unless you contact us to reset it, likely to avoid rampant piracy.