How to Design Programs (HtDP) is a textbook by Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt and Shriram Krishnamurthi on the systematic design of. How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing From page one, HtDP starts talking about good program design, and gives a. How to Design Programs, Second Edition () HtDP teaches exactly that: proper construction of abstractions, small functions that.

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This chapter take ‘Tree’, ‘forest’ and ‘S-expressions’ as example, then talks about how to simplify functions. Aren’t we continuously finding out new ways of constructing programs, and isn’t it useful and fun to figure out new patterns while constructing new programs?

Info Do you have a question? So software engineering techniques such as React and Redux were already known back in ? They might not need to be taught at the level HTDP assumes, but they need to be taught, and the people who wrote HTDP put a great deal of thought into how to teach people.

Previous discussion on HN – 3 years ago 1 and even earlier 2. Information and Data Information can be thought as facts about the program’s domain, while data is just a “literal” representation. Composing Functions This book explains that programs are collections of definitions: Enumerations The main idea of an enumeration is that it defines a collection of data as a finite number of pieces of data.

If everything fails, you may need to design a more general function and define the main function as a specific use of the general function. On the other hand, computers or programs cannot understand C or F directly.

We call such abstract data definition paracmetric data definition because of the parameter.

Now, I’ll probably just bookmark it and forget about it. Define an average function for example. So, clarity and consistency of concept is capital. Abstractions From Examples to compare two items for similarities.

More Similarities In Functions Normally, function abstration is done by finding out the difference between functions and replace them as function calls, these functions are new parameters we should add to the abstracted functions.


If the composition of values requires knowledge of a particular domain of application. Contrast cond with if. But I don’t like the book. I like the book and believe that it is one of the best books I’ve seen for teaching a beginner to program. It is often best to illustrate data definition with examples just like we illustrate the behavior of functions with examples:. We can conclude it into 4 elements when designing: The book is a bit harder than HTDP, as it assumes some but really not much background, but it is used in a first year course at Brown University so it is doable.

Purpose statement is a short line to describe the purpose of a function. There are practical limitations not addressed by these early expositions on program correctness, but the techniques covered can be applied by hand and I’ve often used them on especially troubling passages of code that I wanted to make sure were correct.

It’s not perfect, and it may contain some conversion artifacts, but it appears to be rather readable.

How to Design Programs Notes

Also, the suggestion of human language as a program, even across cultures, and therefore humans as computers and a viable platform for programming, runs largely in the face of the tradition from which this tome comes. Thanks where is due: If the composition of values must process an element from a self-referential data definition.

To add an element to a linked list, you allocate a new cons, point its car to the new element, and point its cdr to deisgn old list.

Itemization An interval distinguishes different subclasses of numbers; an enumeration spells out item for htep the useful elements of an existing class of data. And how to walk through all the elements of a specific data.

How to Design Programs, Second Edition | Hacker News

It’s old and uses Pascal, but it still a great book on programming that introduces a number of algorithms and data structures. The book therefore carefully introduces prigrams and more complex kinds of data, which sets it apart from every other introductory programming book. As a result for the beginning it is rather hard as many of potential readers are afraid of unconventional syntax.


The book talked about the re-order of the condition lines. A better way to express this is to htp descriptive names for functions. This chapter talks about when to design several function and hwo to compose theme into one program.

How to Design Programs – Wikipedia

I couldn’t stay with it and eventually gave it away. The structure and interpretation of the computer science curriculum.

You can avoid that copying for a lot of appends by allocating more space than you need and using a fill pointer, and the realloc might be hidden away in a method, but it is still fundamentally a fixed-length data structure. Write down a signature, a purpose statement, and a function header. One of the problem is “ecosystem”: And lambda is like a constructor. HTDP does not have that, and goes slower and more methodical in teaching what they call design recipe to translate problems into code.

Non-empty Lists It is critical to have unified concept. Welcome prograsm Reddit, the front page of the internet. The hardest part would be understanding how to properly output well-formatted epub output with a table of contents and such. The above rights may be exercised in all media and formats proframs now known or hereafter devised. Structure is like a container, we can put multiple objects in it, and extract a single object from it at the same time.

Is it worth it for an experienced programmer to complete this book? The thing that got us all in to this computational mess. Second is the design recipes for programs and functions organize programs in the right way. Intertwineded data means the combination of different data types dexign as finite data and self-referential data.

That means we should formulate an abstractions and instantiate them whever needed.

If this was in PDF, I could save it on my tablet for offline reading during my upcoming holiday.