Das Rheingold. Music and Libretto by Richard Wagner. First Performance as a single opera. Munich, Königliches Hof und National Theater, September 22, Das Rheingold / English translation by Frederick Jameson ; vollständiger Klavierauszug erleichterte Bearb. von K. Klindworth. URL to cite or. The Ring of the Nibelung: German – English libretto Das Rheingold (English and German Edition) [Richard Wagner, Polina Zinoviev] on *FREE*.

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The loveliest goddess, light and bright, what boots you dullards her grace? Libretto it, trembler, thou canst not! Das Rheingold is scored for the following instrumental forces: Wotan Dein Eigen nennst du den Ring? Wotan Achieved the eternal work! Loge Then swing we ourselves through the sulfur-cleft: Wellgunde Rettet das Gold!

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5 free resources – Das Rheingold, Opera of the Month

Alberich Seest thou the hoard, by my host heaped for me there? From the late s a backlash against the tendency towards ever more outlandish interpretations of the Ring cycle led to several new productions in the more traditional manner. Er streckt die Hand nach dem Gold aus.

Then dream’st thou of vengeance, quickly bestir thee, think of thy ransom betimes! Free with you leave we Freia; guerdon less great rheingole content us: Nibelungs all, bow ye to Alberich!


Mocks me a dream? Sad, in sooth, were our fortune, forever sundered from her, who painless, ne’er-ending youth and rapturous joy doth bestow. The score was completed inbut Wagner was unwilling to sanction its performance until the rhheingold cycle was complete; he worked intermittently on this music until Mime ist vor Schmerz zusammengesunken.

They disappear, mounting upward. Fafner, who wants the gold, advises Wotan to use his wits to gain the treasure. A History of the Wagner Festival. How, crafty one, then wouldst thou speed? Wotan Arglistig weich’st du mir aus: If thou betray me, truly I bid thee beware! Wie klein soll ich sein? Is she in sorrow for Wotan, gloomy and grey, who seems already grown old? Alberich Led hither by envy ye came: Rhine Daughters together swimming around the rock Heia jaheia!

5 free resources – Das Rheingold, Opera of the Month | Opera Sense

Fafner Schwer baute dort sich die Burg: Mannes-Ehre, ewige Macht, ragen zu endlosem Ruhm! Fafner Cease thy foolish chatter; no gain look we to win: Sieh, wie dein Leichtsinn lachend uns allen Schimpf und Schmach erschuf! They swim, laughing, to and fro in the light.

Woglinde Let us go near him! The lordly pile I proved myself, if all be firm, well have I tried; Fasolt and Fafner faithful I found: Composition of the music. All zu Hauf schichtet den Hort!

Woglinde has reached another rock. In Budapest on 26 Januarythe first Hungarian performance of Das Rheingoldconducted by libreto young Gustav Mahlerwas briefly interrupted when the prompt-box caught fire and a number of patrons fled the theatre. Mime observes the gods more attentively. Schwatztest du gar mit dem rhfingold Paar? Wotan awakes and raises himself a little.


Das Rheingold: Synopsis – Opera Libretti

How could they, the gnome asks, extolling the powers of the Tarnhelm. Alberich looks long and suspiciously at Wotan and Loge. Wotan sunk in contemplation of the ring on his hand Let him give libtetto to his wrath!

Wotan is enthralled by the absolute power the Ring imparts, and when Fricka learns a wife could use the Ring to keep a philandering husband faithful, she urges Wotan to obtain it.

The Lives and Times of the Great Composers. Alberich clambers hastily down ‘Tis better down lower! The maidens stop playing on hearing Alberich’s voice.

By their lord commanded now from the dark to the daylight they bring up the hoard; then loosen these torturing bonds! Alberich touches the ring with his lips and secretly murmurs rhheingold command.

Still we claim her ours.