Liophis reginae, commonly known as the high woods coral, is a species of colubrid snake endemic to northern South America. species of reptile. Erythrolamprus reginae. edit Liophis × ; KB. 0 references. taxon name. Erythrolamprus reginae. 1 reference. PDF | We studied the diet of Liophis reginae semilineatus (Wagler, ) from eastern Amazon, Brazil, based on the analysis of preserved specimens.

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Check List 6 2: Significance was not verified among the snake HL vs.

Ecuador AmazonasColombia, Venezuela e. Feeding ecology of Liophis reginae semilineatus Serpentes: Besides anurans, two lizards of Gymnophthalmidae two species were also found.

Sign In We’re Sorry! The stomach of one snake had leptodactylid eggseach egg approximately 1.

Common swamp snake (Liophis reginae) – Image

La fauna de serpientes del Chaco Sudamericano: New York, McGraw-Hill, p. Journal of Natural History 41 To test for the presence of sexual dimorphism, the following tests were used: Emmons, Guillermo Knell, Jennifer M.


Can you confirm these amateur observations of Erythrolamprus reginae? Learn more on our Support Center.

Liophis reginae – Wikidata

Something went wrong, please try again. Comportamento alimentar de jararaca, Bothrops jararaca: Sexual size dimorphism in snakes revisited.

Arquivos do Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro 68 Global Vision International, pp. We have no photos, try to find some by Google images search: A total of individuals of L. Upper Saddle River, Prentice-Hall, p. Amphibien und Liophls in Peru. Fitzgerald, and Paul Smith We studied the diet of Liophis reginae semilineatus Wagler, from eastern Amazon, Brazil, based on the analysis of preserved specimens.

Annals of the Carnegie Museum 52 6: Of these, only 36 Check List 7 6: For digested prey, we estimated prey size based on anatomic parts using a regression analysis ZAR Amphibians and reptiles lioohis the Araripe bioregion, northeastern Brazil. The apparent abundance of L. Contribution to the herpetofauna of the Venezuelan Guayana.


Erythrolamprus reginae | The Reptile Database

However, variations in diet composition among populations from these areas may be a result of sampling biases caused by the geographical distribution patterns of the prey, for example. Liophiss slangen van de Guyanas Deel VI. Habitats, diets, and sympatry in snakes: