Hiring a Concrete Driveway Contractor

A concrete driveway is a great way to add value and enhance the look of your home. Unlike asphalt, it doesn’t deteriorate quickly and can last up to 30 years. In addition, concrete is environmentally friendly and is made from sustainable resources, including water, natural rock and sand, and cement.

When you’re looking for a concrete driveway contractor, you want to ensure that the firm you select will be able to meet your project deadlines and budget expectations. In addition, you need to ask about the firm’s guarantees and warranties.

The size of your driveway and the type of design you choose will also determine costs. A simple, rectangular driveway will typically cost less than a more elaborate one, such as a curved driveway with brick pavers on the edges.

You may also need to consider the terrain, as some areas require extra work or materials to ensure that your driveway is stable. A specialty design, such as a textured or colored driveway, can also increase the cost.

Your concrete contractor should explain the different types of concrete mixes available for your driveway, which will help you choose the best option. The material must be durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and maintain its strength over time.

Concrete is also an environmental friendlier choice for your driveway than asphalt, which requires nonrenewable petroleum supplies and can cause a significant amount of waste to enter landfills. Your concrete supplier can use recycled or waste materials, such as fly ash and ground blast furnace slag, in the mix to make the product more environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re installing new or replacing an existing concrete driveway, it is important to work with a licensed and experienced contractor. Hiring a professional will allow you to enjoy your new driveway for many years to come, while ensuring it is installed correctly and safely.

Before hiring a concrete driveway contractor, check with County Materials or the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association to find a reputable company in your area. You can also ask for references from other homeowners who have used their services in the past.

Be sure to interview several contractors and review their proposals before making a final decision. It’s also a good idea to request a written contract for the project, including all details such as project deadlines and pricing per square foot.

Your contractor should have a history of successful concrete projects, so you can verify their skill set and workmanship. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for someone who can take on more challenging projects.

The concrete contractor should also be able to provide a warranty for the concrete work they perform. This will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong with the installation, and it will protect you from future expenses.

The concrete driveway contractor should install control joints in your concrete slabs, which prevent random cracking. Ideally, these joints should be placed at least every eight feet. If the contractor doesn’t seem to know much about control joints or doesn’t plan to use them, move on to another candidate.

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